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Different Top Hammer Drilling Tools

Top hammer drilling tools have integral drill rods, tapered drill rods, shank rods, MF rods, button bits, etc. Kelleg is a high-quality supplier of top hammer drilling tools and can provide you with products that meet your needs.


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Product Introduction

Top hammer impact rock drilling is that the rock drilling machine is located at the top of rock drilling tools, the rock drill piston directly hits the tail end of rock drilling tools, and the impact energy generated passes through the rod to the drill bit in the form of stress waves to do work on the rock. This type of rock drilling machine uses compressed gas or hydraulic oil as the power source, and the impact power can be designed according to the requirements of the equipment, so it has a higher rock drilling rate. The drilling depth of top hammer drilling tools is usually ≤35m, and the drilling diameter is ≤152 mm. Top hammer drilling tools include light weight rock drilling tools, drifting and tunneling tools, benching drilling tools, and open-cutting drilling tools.

1. Light weight rock drilling tools mainly include H19 mm, H22 mm, and H25 mm hexagonal integral drill rods and tapered drill rods, 38-42 mm diameter chisel bits, cross bits, and four-tooth and five-tooth button bits.

2. Drifting and tunneling tools mainly include R/T38-H35-R32 structure with lengths of 3090 mm, 3700 mm, 4310 mm, 5525 mm drill rods and diameters of φ45 mm, φ48 mm, φ51mm, φ54 mm seven teeth and nine-tooth button bits: R32-H28-R28 structure with lengths of 2700 mm, 3050 mm drill rod for drifting and tunneling jumbo and diameters of φ41 mm, φ43 mm seven-tooth button bits.

3. Benching drilling tools mainly include R32-D32-R32 structure with lengths of 1100 mm, 1200 mm extension rod, and diameters of 55 mm, 60 mm button bits.

4. Open-cutting drilling tools mainly include T38-D38-T38 structure with lengths of 3050 mm, 3600 mm, T45-D45-T45 structure with lengths of 3600 mm, T51-D51-T51 structure with lengths of 3600 mm extension rod and MF rod, diameters of φ76 mm, φ89 mm button bits.

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