Expandable Rock Bolt

New generation rock bolt

Our expandable rock bolts have strong expansion capabilities and excellent anchoring performance.

Tackling complex geologies

Our expandable rock bolts can meet various complex geological conditions and engineering needs.

Safe, efficient, and economical

Our expandable rock bolts provide customers with safer, more efficient, and economical anchoring solutions.

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Product Overview

Product Category


  • Simple, safe and immediate rock support
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Full length immediate anchorage
  • No harmful bonding agents (resin / cement)
  • High performance in hard, fractured and soft rock


Working Principle

Install the anchor rod in the drill hole and inject high-pressure water. After the water pressure exceeds the elastic limit of the pipe material, the rod will undergo permanent plastic expansion deformation with the geometry of the drill hole, making it firmly embedded in the surrounding rock. In addition, when the rod expands, the anchor rod exerts a higher pressure on the surrounding rock mass, forcing the surrounding rock to generate strain, increasing the surrounding rock stress, and in turn, the surrounding rock also produces corresponding extrusion on the anchor rod. During the expansion, because its diameter become larger, there is a certain amount of shrinkage along the longitudinal direction, which causes the anchor plate to be pressed tightly against the surface of the surrounding rock, generating upward supporting force, thereby applying prestress to the surrounding rock.


Product Parameters

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