Split Set

Split Set is a new type anchor of full-length anchoring and active reinforc-ement of surrounding rock.
It is composed of anchor rod and tray. The anchor rod is made of high-strength steel pipe and has longitudinal slits. When it is installed in a borehole slightly smaller than the pipe diameter, it can immediately apply radial pressure to the borehole through entire length and prevent the surrounding rock from sliding down. Coupled with the supporting force of tray, the surrounding rock is in a three-direction stress state to achieve rock stability.
The bolt is mainly used in hard rock mines, tunnels or emergency rescue, which can quickly provide supporting force to achieve better supporting effects.

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Split set is mainly composed of anchor rod and tray.








Anchor Rod: The circular pipe formed by the thin plate is rolled into a tubular shape and has a full-length longitudinal seam, which is used as a bolt in the support field. There are two wall thicknesses, 2.5mm and 3.0mm.








Tray: The shape is square, with a bowl-shaped protrusion in the middle, which is a component that transmits the tensile force of the bolt to the surrounding rock.

Common specifications: φ30, φ35, φ39, φ43, φ46.

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