Threaded Bar

Threaded bar is a hot-rolled solid bar with discontinuous external threads. It can be connected by coupler. When threaded bars are used in the field of anchoring, according to the requirements of the anti-corrosion grade, it can form different anti-corrosion systems with couplers, nuts, plates, corrugated pipes, smooth plastic pipes, end caps, and so on.

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Product Overview

Product Category

Class I Anti-corrosion System




Class I anti-corrosion anchoring system is suitable for semi-permanent support and permanent support in corrosive environment. Anchorage section is protected by corrugated pipe, end cap, cement grout, and the free section is protected by smooth plastic pipe.

Class II Anti-corrosion System




Class II anti-corrosion anchoring system is used for temporary support in corrosive environment and semi-permanent support in non-corrosive environment. Anchorage section is protected by cement grout, and the free section is protected by smooth plastic pipe.

Non-anticorrosive System




Non-anticorrosive anchorage system is suitable for temporary support in non-corrosive environments, and cement grout will protect the anchoring section.

Product Parameters

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