DTH Drilling Tools

Different DTH Drilling Tools

DTH drilling tools mainly include DTH drill pipe, DTH hammer and DTH bit, which are used in construction sites such as open-pit and underground mines, quarries, hydropower projects, water well drilling, mineral exploration, rock mass steel cable anchoring, geothermal excavation, and subway engineering side pile support. Kelleg is a high-quality supplier of DTH rock drilling tools and can provide you with products that meet your needs.


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Product Introduction

Different from top hammer rock drilling tools, DTH rock drilling tools are a kind of medium and large-diameter rock drilling machine that uses compressed air as the power source and enters the power part into the rock hole, which is widely used in rock drilling engineering. DTH rock drilling tools mainly include a DTH drill pipe, a DTH hammer, and a DTH drill bit. They are equipped with a drill jumbo (drill frame) and equipped with an air compressor to form a rock drilling unit. According to the pressure of compressed air used by DTH rock drilling tools, it usually includes low-pressure DTH drilling tools (air pressure 0.6-0.8MPa), medium-high pressure DTH drilling tools (air pressure 1.0-2.0MPa), and high pressure DTH drilling tools (air pressure greater than 2.5MPa). Because of the DTH drilling tools have a series of characteristics such as high drilling straightness, smooth hole, good rigidity of drill pipe and hammer, no dependence on high axial thrust, unlimited drilling depth, low investment in equipment, easy maintenance, DTH drilling tools are generally valued by the rock drilling engineering industry.


1.  The hammer is located at the front end of the hole, and the impact energy directly acts on the drill bit, without the need for the drill pipe to transmit the impact energy, and there is no energy transmission loss. Theoretically, the drilling speed is not affected by the hole depth, which is suitable for deep hole drilling.

2. The drill pipe is large in diameter, rigid and straight.

3. Large drill hole diameter, the maximum drilling diameter can reach more than 1 mete.

4. Simple structure, reliable work conditions, simple and convenient maintenance, low cost.

DTH Drilling Tools Application

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