DTH Drill Bits

DTH drill bit is connected to the DTH hammer through a spline to drill rocks and has the characteristics of high efficiency, safety and environmental protection, simple structure, and convenient operation.

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The DTH drill bits are divided into the following three types according to the shape.

  • Flat type: Flat face drill bits have buttons arranged on the end face perpendicular to the center line of the drill bit, and the gauge button is installed on the beveled surface with a certain inclination angle, which can effectively scrape the rock. It has features of a simple structure, is easy to process, has a high drilling speed, and is suitable for drilling very hard rock formations and corrosive rock formations at high air pressure.
  • Convex type: Convex drill bits are a convex shape in the middle, which aims to reduce the stress of the gauge button and facilitate the centering of the drilling holes. The end face of the drill head is rounded and has the characteristics of self-sharpening, high speed, and smooth drilling speed, but it is more difficult to process than the flat drill bit, and the buttons wear faster and are suitable for drilling soft and medium hard rocks with low and medium air pressure and fast drilling speed.
  • Concave type: Concave drill bits are a concave shape in the middle, which can produce a central rock pillar with a centering effect during drilling, effectively pre-exhaust holding the drilling from tilting, and the drill bit body bihas high strength. It is suitable for all rock formations, especially good in medium-hard rock, with good drilling straightness and good slag removal.

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