Cutting Picks

Cutting pick is a kind of part mounted on the mining and excavation machine. It is mainly suitable for shearers, road-headers, milling machines and other equipment.

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Product Overview

Product Category

1. Carbide Tips

Button Tips

Button Tips: Carbide button tips are commonly used in shearer, road-header, milling machine (cement road).

Mushroom Tips

Mushroom Tips: Carbide mushroom tips are commonly used in shearer and road-header.

Flat-buttom Tips

Flat-buttom Tips: Carbide flat-buttom tips are commonly used as planer tips (asphalt road).

2. Conical Pick Tools

Uses: It is used together with the coal shearer and is suitable for coal mining.

Classification: Picks with step shank and picks without step shank


  • The wear-resistant surfacing layer technology is adopted, so the overall quality of the pick is better, the wear resistance is better, and the strength is greater. When in use, the impact resistance increases significantly. During construction work, even when encountering hard coal blocks, they can be cut quickly and the cutting quality is very good.
  • The wear resistance is excellent, and because of this feature, this pick is widely used in the coal mining industry.
  • Maintenance is very convenient. During use, it is usually necessary to maintain the pick. The staff only need to apply some engine oil when performing maintenance, which is very convenient.

3. Crusher Pick Tools

Uses: It is used together with the roadheader and is suitable for roadway excavation.

Classification: Picks with step shank and picks without step shank


  • Good flexibility.
  • Durable.
  • Highly wear-resistant.
  • Easy to replace.

Product Parameters

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