Roller Cone Bit

Roller cone bit is a drill bit with a medium to a large diameter that can adapt to a wide range of formations from soft to hard and is suitable for drilling industries such as oil and mining. There are various types of roller cone bits, and tri-cone bits are the most used and common ones.

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Product Overview

Product Category

According to the number of roller cones

It includes single-cone bits, tri-cone bits, and assembled multi-cone bits. The tri-cone bits are the most popular bits used at home and abroad.

According to the cutting material

It includes milled tooth bits and insert roller cone bits.

The teeth of milled tooth bits are made of the blank roller cone by milling, mainly wedge-shaped teeth, which are divided into gage teeth, inner row teeth, and trimming teeth according to the position of teeth.

Insert roller cone bits are made of carbide material set into the hole after the hole is drilled into the roller cone.

According to the type of bearing

It includes two categories of rolling bearings and sliding bearings.

Rolling bearings have a low friction coefficient and are suitable for higher speeds, mainly used for large-diameter water well drill bits of 14 3/4 inches and above.

Sliding bearings have a stable structure, superior bearing capacity, and strong adaptability and are commonly used in various sizes of water well drill bits.

According to bearing seal type

It includes open roller, rubber sealed roller, and metal sealed bearing roller cone bits.

The inside of open roller bearings connects to the external environment. The internal processing of bearing has a channel for circulating medium circulation for cooling the bearing, which is often used with rolling bearings for drilling water wells with well depth or geothermal wells and other high-temperature geological conditions.

The structure of roller cone bit

The most commonly used mining roller cone bit is composed of three shirttails and intermeshing cone mounted on shaft journal. The cone is equipped with rollers, balls and bushings.


Product Parameters

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