Wire Mesh

The main product of wire mesh is steel bar welded mesh. Steel bar welded mesh is a product that the steel bars are arranged in vertical and horizontal directions respectively with a certain distance and the intersection points are welded.
It is widely used in various construction scenarios such as building construction, slope support, tunnel support, mining engineering, bridge construction and subgrade mesh reinforcement.

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Welded Wire Mesh

Welded Wire Mesh

Galvanized welded mesh is made with plain steel wire welded together in square opening, then going through the hot dipped zinc coating process. Designed for construction, building reinforcement and fences, it enjoys the feature of corrosion resistance compared with plain black iron welded mesh. Galvanized welded mesh can be fabricated into constructional reinforcement panels and wire mesh partitions.

Materials: High quality low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire

Surface treatment

hot-dipped galvanized, electro galvanized, PVC coated, painted, untreated.


strong welded points and bright luster. The mesh doesn’t come loose even if cut in parts or being exerted force on parts. Compared with general iron wire, the products are better in respects of anti-corrosive and anti-rust.


They are widely used in industry, agriculture, construction, transport and mining. Such as machine protection cover, ranch fender, garden fence, window protection fender, passage fender, etc.

Welded Wire Mesh Panels

Welded Wire Mesh Panels

Welded wire mesh panels with smooth surface and firm structure are made of high quality low carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloy steel. The common size of panel usually is 1800 mm × 3000 mm, we also accept other sizes for customers’ needs.

Types: Stainless steel mesh, black wire mesh, galvanized wire mesh, plastic coated mesh, framed mesh.

Surface treatment

PVC coated, PVC praying, hot-dipped galvanized and electric galvanized.

The PVC coated and galvanized surfaces have good corrosion resistance and weather resistance, so it can provide a long service life.

PVC coated and sprayed welded wire mesh panels has corrosion resistance, aging resistance, sunshine resistance and weather resistance.

Colors available for PVC coated welded wire mesh: Green, blue, white or other colors at customers‘ request.


Welded wire mesh is characteristic of its fine qualities, sturdiness and durable, economy as well as attractiveness. It is widely used in industry, farming, construction, transportation and mining for protection of structure.

Feature: smooth surface, firm structure, corrosion resistance, aging resistant, weather resistant, long service life, product parameters.

Woven Mesh

Woven Mesh

Woven mesh is usually made of black steel wire, white steel wire, lead wire, stainless steel wire, etc. It is crimped before woven, with stable structure.


Woven mesh is mainly used in coal, mine, building, etc.

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