Rotary Drilling Tools

Rotary Drilling Tools

Roller cone bits include single cone bits, tri-cone bits, and assembled multi-cone bits according to the number of roller cones; they include milled tooth bits and insert roller cone bits according to the cutting material; they include two categories of rolling bearings and sliding bearings according to the bearing; they include rubber sealed roller, and metal sealed roller cone bits according to bearing seal type. The tri-cone bits are the most popular bits used at home and abroad. Kelleg is a high-quality supplier of rotary roller drilling tools and can provide you with products that meet your needs.


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Product Introduction

Rotary roller drilling tools are mainly used for vertical perforation operations in large-scale open-pit mines, earth and rock excavation, water wells, and geothermal wells. During the drilling, the rotary drilling rigs drive the rotary movement of the roller cone bit through the drill pipe, while exerting downward thrust for the rock drilling tools to penetrate the hole. Under the action of rotating force, the roller cone bit drives three cones inlaid with cemented carbides or arranged steel teeth to rotate around their respective claw journals, and at the same time, under the action of axial thrust, the carbides or steel teeth embedded in the rock surface, the rock is broken by the combined force of extrusion and shearing, to achieve the purpose of perforation.


1. Rotary roller drilling tools have the advantages of a large drilling diameter, high perforation efficiency, low noise, straighter drilling, and wide adaptability to geological conditions, which are widely used in oil drilling, mining, water well excavation, and other projects.

2. It has the advantages of less environmental pollution, low construction energy consumption, and long service life of drill bit.

3. With the gradual popularization of supporting rotary drilling rig construction equipment, the application of rotary roller drilling tools will become more and more extensive.

Rotary Drilling Tools Application

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