Rock Tools in Hydropower Project


Hydropower project is a general term for flood control, waterlogging, irrigation, power generation, water supply, reclamation, soil and water conservation, resettlement, water resource protection, and other projects (including construction, expansion, reconstruction, reinforcement, restoration) and their supporting and ancillary projects. It is a project built to control and allocate surface water and groundwater in nature to achieve the purpose of eliminating harm and rejuvenating profits, also known as water engineering. Water is an indispensable precious resource for human production and life, but its natural state does not fully meet human needs. Only by building hydropower projects can we control water flow, prevent floods, and regulate and distribute water to meet the needs of people’s lives and the production of water resources.

Drilling and blasting, and rock bolt construction are important construction parts of hydropower projects. Therefore, the selection of rock drilling tools is very important. Efficient and accurate drilling directly affects the efficiency and quality of follow-up operations.

Application of Rock Drilling Tools in Hydropower Project

Commonly used rock drilling tools for hydropower projects include open-cutting drilling tools, medium and high-pressure DTH drilling tools, etc.

Application of rock bolts in Hydropower Projects

During hydropower project construction, the application of anchoring construction technology is the most critical. Self-drilling anchor bolt combines drilling, grouting, and anchoring into one step. It is especially suitable for broken rock, loose soil and conditions which are difficult to drill holes. It not only has the characteristics of fast installation, high grouting efficiency, and good grouting effect but also can significantly shorten the construction period and reduce the construction cost.

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