Rock Bolts

Different Rock Bolts

Rock bolts are the most basic component of roadway support in underground mining and are rod system structures for rock and soil reinforcement. It is used not only in mines but also in engineering technologies for active reinforcement of slopes, tunnels, dams, etc. Kelleg is a high-quality rock bolts supplier and can provide you with products that meet your needs.


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Product Introduction

Rock bolt is a support system used in many engineering projects such as civil construction foundations, hydropower, mining. Rock bolts are considered active support because they provide prestress and are used to add compressive pressure to the joints inside the stone. This force establishes grinding along the section and helps reduce block development.

The construction process of rock bolt includes: drilling, inserting reinforcement, and grouting.

Rock bolts are often used to support situations where some signs of instability can be seen or where recently cut rock is tilted, to stop the development along the fracture and thereby reduce the current shear resistance.

1. Self-drilling anchor bolt combines drilling, grouting, and anchoring into one step. It is especially suitable for broken rock, loose soil and conditions which are difficult to drill holes, such as fracture zones, decayed rock, gravel, sandy gravel, backfill ground.

2. Split set is a new type anchor of full-length anchoring and active reinforcement of surrounding rock. It is easy to install, requires no anchoring agent, and has high shear and tensile strength. It is mainly used in mine engineering, which can quickly provide supporting force to achieve better supporting effects.

3. Thread rod is a hot-rolled solid bar with discontinuous external threads. It has the characteristics of high strength, flexible construction and wide application range, and has been widely designed and used in various construction scenarios such as building construction, dam reinforcement, slope support, tunnel support, hanging basket tensioning, and tower foundation.

4. Expandable rock bolt is made out of a thin-walled steel tube folded on itself.

Rock Bolts Application

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