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Drill rod is a tool that connects drill bit and is matched with rock drilling machine to drill in the rock or soil. Kelleg supplies drill rods, including light drill rods and heavy drill rods, such as tapered drill rods, shank rods, integral drill rods, extension rods and MF rods. Email us right now.

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Drill rods include light drill rods and heavy drill rods.

Light drill rods include tapered drill rod, shank rod, and integral drill rod.

Tapered drill rod: It is a hexagonal hollow rod with a shank structure. The shank is connected with the rock drilling equipment. The head of the rod is a taper structure that can be connected with a tapered bit.

Shank rod: It is a hexagonal hollow rod with a shank structure. The shank is connected to the rock drilling equipment. The head of the rod is a threaded shape that can be connected with a threaded bit.

Integral drill rod: It is a rock drill tool that combines the shank adapter, shank collar, drill rod, and drill bit as a whole. It is suitable for small diameter shallow holes and is usually used for broken rock, weathered rock, and other soft rock.

Heavy drill rods mainly include drill rods used for drifting and tunneling rigs, benching drilling rigs, and Open-cutting drilling rigs. They are mainly classified as follows:

1. Classification by thread type

There are mainly two types of R-thread and T-thread.

R-thread specifications are R25, R28, R32, R38, etc. The basic dimensions and button profile of the R-thread mainly refer to the industry standard ISO10208.

T-thread specifications are T38, T45, T51, etc. The basic dimensions and button profile of T-thread mainly refer to the corporate standards that are almost the same.

2. According to the internal and external thread form of the drill rod

It mainly includes extension rod and MF rod.

Extension rod: a drill rod with external threads at both ends.

MF rod: a drill rod with external thread at one end and internal thread at the other end.

There are many types of drill rods. In addition to the above classification according to light and heavy drill rods, the connection methods of drill bits and drill rods are also commonly used to classify:

Threaded extension rod

A threaded extension rod is a hollow circular or hollow hexagonal rod with connecting threads at both ends or one end of the rod. It has the advantages of a wide application range, fast drilling speed, low impact energy transmission loss, high rock drilling efficiency, easy realization of mechanized drilling, and improved rock drilling conditions.

Main products: R22, R25, R28, R32, T35, T38, T45, T51

Applications: surface mining, underground mining, roadway excavation, anchoring engineering, blast furnace taphole, tunnel engineering, hydropower engineering, quarrying, and other construction projects.

Tapered drill rod

The tapered drill rod adopts a forged drill shoulder and shanks in connection with the rock drilling machine; in connection with the drill bit, it adopts a cone structure.

Main products: H22, H25

Application: mining, tunneling, anchoring engineering, quarrying, building construction, and other industries.

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