Shank Adapters

Shank adapter is mainly used for mining operations, and high-quality alloy steel is selected as the raw material. It is a component that transmits power from the rock drill to the drill stems.

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Product Overview

Product Category

Shank adapter includes two types: shank adapter for pneumatic guide rock drill and hydraulic rock drill shank adapter.

At present, there are more than 200 kinds of rock drilling machines of various types, and different types of rock drilling machines need to choose different shank adapters.

Shank Adapter Type

Shank adapter for pneumatic guide rock drill: It is suitable for the small rock drill and can be operated manually.

Shank adapter for Atlas Copco rock drill: It is suitable for Atlas Copco rock drill, one of the most commonly used rock drills.

Shank adapter for Sandvik/Tamrock rock drill: It is suitable for Sandvik/Tamrock rock drill, one of the most commonly used rock drills.

Thread size

  • R28
  • R32
  • R35
  • R38
  • T38
  • T45
  • T51

Our shank adapters are suitable for different equipment, such as Sandvik, Atlas Copco, and Furukawa.

Product Parameters

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