How is Threaded Rod Used?

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Threaded rods are used extensively in the construction industry due to their exceptional strength and high level of precision. This article aims to provide insight into using threaded rods, including their definition, characteristics, application fields, construction technology, material preparation, construction process, and precautions.

Brief introduction of threaded rod

Threaded rod, a popular construction material, is a solid bar with discontinuous external threads. This durable material is connected using a coupler, providing a strong and secure solution. Threaded rod is mainly used in large-scale projects, such as highways, bridges, and high-rise buildings. Its advantages are reliable connection, high precision, high strength, convenient construction, and can meet the high requirements of modern construction projects.

Main components of refined rolled thread bar system

Structure diagram of refined rolled thread bar system

1. Solid anchor bar, full-length solid rebar, the main load-bearing component, is used to transfer load capacity to the anchoring section.

2. Coupling, an external device for jointing lengths of a steel bolt.

3. Centralizer, device to locate steel bolt centrally in a borehole and guarantee the grout cover.

4. Plate, device to transfer the load from the facing.

5. Vent pipe, used for venting during grouting.

6. Nut, device to transfer the load of the plate to the anchoring section by tensioning the steel bolt

7. Grouting pipe, a pipe for grouting drill hole.

After understanding the main components and functions of the Refined rolled thread bar system, how to use threaded rods? Next, we will share the threaded rods’ installation diagram, construction process, use method, and precautions.

Installation diagram of threaded rod

Installation diagram of threaded rod

Construction Process of threaded rod

Material preparation→Assembling→Drill and clean the hole→Installing the bolt→Grouting→Installing the nut and plate→Sealing the hole

Material preparation

Preparing materials for use is crucial before inserting threaded rods.

First, determine the necessary specifications and quantity of the threaded rod. Then, choose the appropriate diameter and length depending on the construction specifications.

Second, ensure that the quality of the threaded rods satisfies the requirements. Choose products from reliable manufacturers and verify the quality of certification documents.

Construction method of threaded rod

1. Drill hole. Use a hammer or drill rig to drill holes and choose different drill bits according to different geology.

2. Install the bolts. Insert the bolt into drill hole.

3. Install the nut and plate. Install the plate, nut, and grouting pipe, ensuring the plate is perpendicular to the anchor bolt axis.

4. Grouting. Connect the pipe to the grout pump and start it to pump the cement slurry into the hole.

5. Sealing the hole. The exposed part of anchor rod end and bearing nut is sealed with cement grout.

Construction notes of threaded rod

1. Drill hole. To ensure the quality of drilling, the position, depth, and angle of drilling must be guaranteed.

2. Grouting. Use a grout pump to ensure that the flow and pressure of the slurry meet the requirements.

3. According to different stratum conditions, the length of the anchoring section, the prestress value, and the tensioning procedure should be determined after field tests.

4. Attention must be paid to the protection of the free section during construction. The free section is the key to ensuring permanent work.

5. After grouting, the anchor body should be wiped to ensure the bolt threads are clean to prestress.

6. Construction personnel, equipment, construction process control, log, and safety shall be implemented by conventional prestressing construction regulations.

In short, threaded rods are high-strength, corrosion-resistant, and high-quality steel. It is widely used in various construction scenarios such as building construction, dam reinforcement, slope support, tunnel support, hanging basket tensioning, and tower foundation. It has played a significant role in the construction of the project. The correct understanding and use of threaded rods can not only effectively save large quantities of steel but also help the development of the construction industry structure, social economy, and social development path.

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