How to Accurately Test the Thread Quality of Rock Drilling Tools?

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Rock drilling tools are a type of drilling equipment extensively utilized in mining, excavation, and civil engineering. The quality of their threads significantly impacts the proper functionality of the tools and drilling efficiency. Thus, it’s crucial to meticulously assess the thread quality of rock drilling tools.

The importance of thread quality inspection of rock drilling tools

rock drilling tools

The thread quality of rock drilling tools is directly related to their service life and drilling efficiency. If the thread quality does not meet the requirements, it may cause problems such as jamming, increased wear, and premature failure of the rock drilling tool during the drilling process and may even cause safety accidents.

The relationship between thread quality and thread standards

Thread quality is closely related to thread standards. Since there are many manufacturers of rock drilling tools, there are definite differences in the processing equipment, processing methods, and processing levels of each manufacturer, and the shapes and sizes of the threads processed by them cannot be the same. To guarantee the threaded connection of products across different companies, it’s essential to ensure the interchangeability of threads. Achieving thread interchangeability necessitates ensuring that the processed threads adhere to universal standards.

The thread standard refers to the technical requirements such as size, shape, and tolerance of the threaded connection part of rock drilling tools. Thread standards are devised to guarantee the interchangeability, reliability, and safety of rock drilling tools. The formulation of thread standards is usually the responsibility of international, national, or industry standardization organizations and is also jointly participated by manufacturers, users, and R&D institutions.

Thread quality inspection method

Visual inspection

Visual inspection stands as the most fundamental method of examination. It allows for distinguishing apparent defects like cracks, wear, and corrosion. While this method is straightforward and uncomplicated, its accuracy is comparatively lower.

Tactile inspection

Tactile inspection involves assessing the surface roughness and geometry of threads through touch. The smoothness, sharpness, and consistency of the thread surface can be felt by touch. This method requires experienced operators for evaluation and is somewhat subjective.

Tool inspection

Tool inspection uses special measuring tools and instruments to measure and evaluate the threads of rock drilling tools. Some thread diameter detection tools include vernier calipers, internal and external micrometers, etc. Tool test results are accurate and reliable but require professional equipment and skills.

Non-destructive testing

Non-destructive testing uses physical principles such as acoustics, magnetism, and electricity to conduct non-destructive testing of the threads of rock drilling tools. For example, ultrasonic testing can find defects such as internal cracks and pores, and magnetic particle testing can detect defects such as surface cracks and inclusions. Non-destructive testing can comprehensively evaluate the thread quality of rock drilling tools, but it requires professional technology and equipment.

Many problems will arise during the quality inspection of rock drilling tool threads. Paying more attention to these issues can improve the accuracy of thread quality inspection.

Frequently asked questions about thread quality inspection

  • Insufficient accuracy of testing equipment: resulting in large errors in testing results, which cannot accurately reflect the quality of threads.
  • The detection method is not standardized: for example, uneven force or angle deviation during detection, resulting in inaccurate detection results.
  • Lack of professional inspectors: some companies lack testing personnel with professional knowledge and skills, resulting in unreliable testing results.
  • Neglect of care and maintenance: regular care and maintenance of testing equipment are essential; otherwise, it can result in reduced accuracy and frequent failures.

How to improve the accuracy of thread quality inspection?

  • Use high-precision testing equipment: using high-precision and high-stability testing equipment is the basis for improving accuracy.
  • Develop standardized testing procedures: develop detailed testing procedures and operating procedures to ensure the consistency and accuracy of the testing process.
  • Strengthen professional training: provide professional training to inspection personnel to improve their skills and sense of responsibility.
  • Regular care and maintenance: conduct regular care and maintenance on testing equipment to ensure it remains in good working condition.
  • Comparison and verification: the reliability of test results can be assured by comparing results across different product batches and verifying them against standard samples.
  • Continuous improvement: for the problems and errors in the detection process, analyze and improve in time to continuously improve and enhance the detection accuracy.

Accurately detecting the thread quality of rock drilling tools is crucial to improving project efficiency and ensuring construction safety. To achieve this goal, we should fully realize the importance of thread quality inspection, understand common inspection problems, master scientific and reasonable inspection methods and technologies, and take measures to improve inspection accuracy. Only in this way can we ensure the reliability and stability of rock drilling tools in various engineering applications and provide a strong guarantee for the smooth progress of the project.

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