What Are the Fixing Processes of 45CrNiMo1V Button Bit?

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The rock drill bit is subjected to impact and rotation to break the rock under the action of the rock drill, with high impact frequency and high rotation torque, the working conditions are harsh, and the consumption is large. There are many kinds of rock drill bits, and the button bit has the characteristics of high rock breaking efficiency, effective elimination of rock breaking blind area at the bottom of rock hole, avoiding repeated rock chip breaking, and unlimited lower limit of rock drill bit diameter, etc., which are in use in construction projects. However, in the actual rock drilling process, the tooth loss phenomenon of the button bit happens from time to time, which can seriously affect its working performance and service life. We can determine the best tooth-fixing scheme through research on the tooth-fixing process of the button bit to improve its quality and prolong service life.

Of course, the solid tooth process is not the only factor that determines the service life of rock drill bits. In the face of harsh rock drilling conditions, the material of the rock drill bit is also important, which requires the steel material of the bit to have high plasticity, toughness, and hardness in the heat treatment state, high fatigue strength, and wear resistance, high air cooling hardenability, as well as relatively simple heat treatment process, and the cost should not be too high. The material used in the drill bit is mainly Cr-Ni type high-quality steel, of which 45CrNiMo1V steel has a long multi-impact fatigue life, superior tensile strength, and better wear resistance, so it is suitable as the steel for the shell of the threaded connection button bit for hydraulic drilling vehicles.

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Advantages of 45CrNiMo1V button bit

The button bit made of heat-treated 45CrNiMo1V is a high-quality drill widely used in the mining industry. They are subjected to a rigorous process to ensure that they have the necessary strength and durability. The carbides on the bit are designed to be sharp and strong, so they can easily break through rock formations while retaining their shape over time. 

Fixing process

There are three fixing processes for 45CrNiMo1V button bits: cold pressing, hot pressing, and hot inserting.

Cold pressing

Cold pressing is to determine the processing size of the tooth hole according to the size and interference of the carbide button and the amount of interference, to drill and ream the corresponding tooth hole in the rock drill bit, and to force the carbide button into the tooth hole through the method of interference fit by external force on the cold pressing gear at room temperature, using the power generated by the elastic deformation of the shell steel to fasten the carbide buttons.

Hot pressing

According to the size and interference of the carbide button, the tooth hole processing size of the rock drill bit is determined by hot pressing, and the corresponding tooth holes are drilled and reamed; the rock drill bit is heated to a suitable temperature (must be lower than the annealing temperature of the shell steel to ensure that the rock drill bit does not soften and anneal), and the carbide button is pressed into the corresponding hole by external force on a dedicated tool for fixing teeth and cooled to room temperature. The hot pressing method uses the elastic deformation force of the shell metal material to fasten the carbide button.

Hot inserting

Hot inserting is to heat the drill bit first and keep it warm for some time so that its tooth hole expands and the carbide button can be set into the corresponding tooth hole by a slight external force and then cooled to room temperature on the slow cooling table.

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