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As a rock drilling tools supplier, we focus solely on delivering top-quality drilling tools. Rock drilling is our specialty, and we provide the essential tools needed for your drilling projects.

Efficient Performance

Our rock drilling tools enable quick and precise drilling, increasing productivity on your project.

Effective Construction

Our rock drilling tool is designed to resist hard operation, ensuring longevity and reliability in demanding environments.

Efficacious Design

Our rock drilling tools are engineered for optimal efficiency, reducing downtime and increasing operational effectiveness on-site.

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What we offer with rock drilling tools

Rock Drill Bit

The rock drill bit is a key instrument for drilling hard materials, particularly rocks, in industries including mining, tunneling, and geotechnical engineering. These bits are painstakingly designed to withstand harsh drilling conditions, ensuring peak performance and lifespan.

Each variety, including chisel bit, cross bit, and button bits, is designed for a unique drilling application. Chisel bits are ideal for cracking difficult rocks, whilst cross bits provide stability in softer formations. Button bits with tungsten carbide inserts offer higher impact energy and wear resistance.

Rock drill bits are essential for drilling operations because they enable efficient and productive drilling procedures, which contribute to the success of projects across sectors.

drill bit rock drilling tools
drill rods rock drilling tools

Drill Rod

The drill rod is a crucial element in drilling operations, serving as a fundamental element that offers vital structural reinforcement and alignment for the drill bit throughout the process of penetration.

Drill rods, composed of resilient materials such as high-strength steel, exhibit exceptional resistance to the rigorous conditions encountered during drilling operations across diverse geological formations.

Drill rods, which include threaded ends, serve the purpose of establishing connections between drilling equipment, such as the drill bit and shank adapter. This facilitates the efficient transmission of energy and enables precision drilling operations.

Kelleg provides drill rods of exceptional quality that have been carefully crafted to cater to a wide range of drilling requirements, guaranteeing long-lasting durability, dependability, and excellent functionality in the drilling environment. Rely on us to supply essential components for your drilling needs, ensuring outstanding outcomes in each project.

Shank Adapter

The shank adapter is a critical component in mining operations, serving as a vital link between a rock drill and a drill rod. Crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy and subjected to rigorous carburizing treatment, it withstands the harsh conditions of mining.

Precise machining guarantees optimal quality, while consistent heat treatment and meticulous straightening ensure durability and resilience. During rock drilling, it efficiently transfers impact energy and rotating torque to the drill bit, facilitating effective rock breaking.

Our shank adapters adhere to stringent specifications for effortless loading, reliable connection, and exceptional wear resistance, ensuring a prolonged service life. Kelleg offers premium shank adapters compatible with leading rock drill brands such as Atlas Copco, Sandvik, and Tamrock.

Shank adapter - rock drilling tools
Coupler - rock drilling tools

Coupling Sleeve

A coupling sleeve acts as a critical link in various construction endeavors, spanning mining, tunneling, and more. It facilitates connections between drill rods and shank adapters, boasting an internal thread sleeve.

Essential in open pit and underground mining, roadway excavation, and hydropower projects, its unique design minimizes energy loss during drilling. This ensures maximum impact energy at the drill bit, enhancing drilling efficiency.

Our coupling sleeve is used to connect the drill rod and shank adapter, which play a crucial role in rock drilling tool support. At Kelleg, we provide premium coupling sleeves meticulously crafted to optimize drilling performance across diverse applications. Our commitment to delivering reliable solutions for your construction needs is reflected in the quality of our products.

Why us be your rock drilling tools supplier

Our primary goal is to provide rock drilling tools, which include rock drill bits, drill rods, shank adapters, and coupling sleeves, among other necessary parts. Together, these essential components of drilling rigs guarantee accurate and productive drilling operations. Our focus is on offering top-notch materials that go well with your equipment and improve its longevity and performance. You can rely on us to provide you with dependable and long-lasting rock drilling tools that will help your drilling operations succeed. Join forces with us to have access to premium materials that are suited to the particular requirements of your machinery and processes.

Find the rock drilling tools with the Industry

Discover our top hammer drilling tools, including rock drill bits, drill rods, shank adapters, and coupling sleeves. These components are crucial for drilling operations, working together seamlessly for efficiency. We provide high-quality materials essential for optimal performance in the field.

Mine project- rock drilling tools

Rock Tools in Mining

Rock tools in mining comprise vital implements for excavation, breaking, and drilling, fundamental for ensuring efficient and productive underground operations.

rock tools in tunneling - rock drilling tools supplier

Rock Tools in Tunnelling

Rock tools in tunnelling involve various materials utilized for excavation, support, and drilling operations within tunnels' construction and maintenance processes.

Quarrying Project-rock drilling tools

Rock Tools in Quarrying

Rock tools in quarrying refer to crucial implements for cutting, drilling, and breaking stone, pivotal for efficient operations in quarrying sites.

Pakistan Hydropower Project-rock drilling tools

Rock Tools in Hydropower Project

Rock tools in hydropower projects aid in excavation, tunneling, and anchoring, supporting the construction and maintenance of dams and reservoirs efficiently.

About Us

Kelleg (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd. is a leader in the field of geotechnical anchoring engineering. Our objective is to provide complete client satisfaction through a comprehensive approach that includes research, procurement, sales, and persistent customer support.

Kelleg specializes in high-quality rock drilling tools such as top hammer drilling tools, DTH drilling tools, self-drilling anchor bolts, split sets, and swellex rock bolts. They offer a streamlined procurement experience, avoiding the complexity of sourcing from various sources.

Our commitment to quality is shown in our strategic collaborations with ISO-certified facilities with decades of manufacturing experience. These relationships ensure that our clients receive only the best products that fulfill the highest quality standards.

Kelleg’s dedication goes beyond only product supply. Our skilled teams in technical assistance, procurement, marketing, and after-sales service are ready to help clients at every step of their project. From pre-sales discussions to on-site technical assistance, we try to provide unrivaled support and knowledge.

Kelleg’s rock tools have made an indelible impact on projects across six continents and in over 50 nations. From high-speed rails to hydropower stations, our goods have helped shape global infrastructure.

Kelleg’s success stories, from the Zhengzhou-Wanzhou high-speed railway in China to the Neelum Jhelum hydropower facility in Pakistan, demonstrate our dedication to quality. As we move forward, our primary goal remains to provide world-class geotechnical anchoring solutions while also raising industry standards.


We make it simple to choose the best rock drilling tool for your needs. Our specialist staff provides tailored advise, taking into account elements like as rock formation, drilling method, depth requirements, and project parameters. We ensure that you select the ideal tool for maximum performance and efficiency.

Maintenance is critical to the longevity and efficacy of rock drilling tools. With us, you’ll get complete maintenance instructions and support. Regular inspection, cleaning, lubrication, and prompt replacement of worn parts are all key procedures that we can help you adopt to maintain proper operation and safety.

Before using rock drilling tools, rely on protective gear such as helmets, goggles, and gloves. Follow operational protocols carefully, assessing equipment for damage before use. Receive enough training and supervision to reduce dangers. Regularly maintain tools to avoid breakdowns. Maintain vigilance in hazardous environments and have emergency plans in place.

We understand the difficulties of drilling operations. Hard rock formations, tool wear, equipment faults, and environmental variables can all be barriers. However, with our experience and support, we can help you handle these issues efficiently through proper planning, equipment selection, and preventative maintenance practices.

Absolutely. We provide personalized solutions that are customized to your project’s specific requirements. Our staff works closely with you to understand your needs and deliver specialized rock drilling tool. From design changes to size tweaks and material choices, we ensure that the tools are ideal for your project, optimizing productivity and success.

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