What is the DTH Drill Bit?

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A DTH drill bit is a rock drilling tool used in infrastructure projects. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, safety and environmental protection, simple structure, and convenient operation and performs a significant role in many fields. With the extensive use of DTH drill bits, it has become a product in high demand in the market. By deeply exploring the principle, structure, working process, and application areas of DTH drill bits, manufacturers can better develop suitable products to meet the market demand.

What is the DTH drill bit?

DTH drill bit

The DTH drill bit is a kind of drill tool connecting the impactor with the spline of the drill bit to guide and transmit the rotation for the impact, with the drill bit and the DTH hammer diving into the hole to break the rock. DTH drill bits include high, medium, and low wind pressure DTH drill bits. It is mainly used in large open-pit mines, underground ore mining, anchoring engineering, quarrying rock drilling, construction engineering rock drilling, and large-scale engineering construction.

The structure of DTH drill bit

DTH drill bit is mainly composed of a skirt body, shank adapter nylon tube, carbides, and powder discharge air blowing system.

The skirt body mainly plays the role of transmitting stress shock waves, holding and fixing carbides, and transmitting torque.

Cemented carbides mainly bear the high-frequency stress wave from the hammer, and directly transmit the high-frequency stress wave to the rock surface to participate in the cutting work.

The powder discharge air blowing system of DTH drill bit is composed of the end hole of drill bit, the blowing hole on the top surface, and the powder discharge grooves on the top and side.

Working principle of the DTH drill bit

DTH drill bits mainly through the transmission of the stress shock wave generated by the DTH hammer’s constantly high-frequency impact on the surface of the rock, the rock under the impact of radioactive crack source and rupture, under the action of rotating the drill pipe to produce extrusion crushing effect directly to the rock excision, drilling digging is the result of the high-frequency impact of the drill bit and continuous scraping action, at the same time in the high-pressure air flow, the crushed rock residue is constantly blown out of the hole, to achieve the purpose of drilling.

The working process of DTH drill bit

When the DTH drill bit is working, the pressure regulating mechanism is advanced to push the drill tool continuously and keep the drill bit in contact with the rock at the bottom of the hole. The rotary mechanism makes the drilling tool rotate continuously. At the same time, under the action of air pressure, the impactor piston installed at the front end of the drill pipe continuously impacts the drill bit, and the drill bit obtains energy after the impact, dives into the bottom of the hole, and generates an impact force that squeezes the rock. The rock drilling tools rotation avoids the drill bit hitting the same drilling trace repeatedly and generates a shear force scraping the rock at the bottom of the hole. Under the action of the impact force of the impactor piston and the shear force of the rotary mechanism, the rocks are constantly being crushed and sheared away. The air pressure enters through the gas joint, reaches the bottom of the hole through the hollow drill pipe, and blows the cut slag from the annular space between the drill pipe and the hole wall to the outside of the hole, thus forming a blast hole.

Applications of DTH drill bits

DTH drill bits are applicable in various fields.

In geological exploration, DTH drill bits can obtain samples of underground rocks for geological structure analysis, mineral exploration, etc.

In construction engineering, DTH drill bits are used for drilling, pouring piles, and other construction operations.

In mining engineering, a DTH drill bit is an essential tool for ore mining, which can quickly and efficiently break rock and drill.

In addition, DTH drill bits are also used in water well drilling, geothermal energy development, and other fields, providing abundant resources and convenience for human production and life.

As an important tool widely used in rock, geological exploration, and mining engineering, the DTH drill bit helps people deeply explore underground resources through its efficiency, precision, and safety. It also promotes the development of geological science and mineral resources. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, DTH drill bits will continue to play a more important role and make more contributions to the development and progress of mankind.

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