Spilt Set: Construction Guide

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Split set is a new type anchor of full-length anchoring and active reinforcement of surrounding rock. It is mainly used in mine engineering, which can quickly provide supporting force to achieve better supporting effects. The split-set construction program provides powerful support to ensure the stability and safety of earthwork support projects under complex geological conditions. This article aims to introduce the construction program of split sets to assist you in using them correctly and ensuring they can achieve their optimal performance.

Split Set

Preparation Phase

Data preparation

Information to be prepared before construction includes:

  • Engineering design drawings and technical documents Construction machinery and equipment list
  • Construction materials list
  • List of construction personnel and job division

Safety measures

Before construction, detailed safety measures should be developed, including:

  • Safety education and training
  • Safety warning signs installation
  • Preparation and installation of safety protection facilities
  • Appointment of safety supervisors

Site survey

A site survey is required before construction to understand the geological conditions and to determine the construction process and construction parameters, including:

  • Investigation and analysis of soil conditions
  • Determination of groundwater level and monitoring of construction
  • Marking and defining areas

Inspection of rock bolts and equipment

  • Cleaning surfaces at the installation location to ensure they are free of oil, moisture, and other contaminants.
  • Check the appearance and size of the split set to ensure that it meets the design requirements.
  • Prepare relevant equipment and accessories to ensure their proper operation.
Split Set

Construction Stages

Construction Principle

When it is installed in a borehole slightly smaller than the pipe diameter, it can immediately

apply radial pressure to the borehole through entire length and prevent the surrounding

rock from sliding down. Coupled with the supporting force of plate, the surrounding rock is

in a three-direction stress state to achieve rock stability.

Installation steps

  • Determine the drill hole position according to design requirements, and then make the hole with a drill.
  • Use compressed air to blow away the rock dust in the hole.
  • Fit the anchor rod with plate, and drive the rod into the hole with percussion drill.


When installing split sets, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Ensure that the specifications and design requirements of the split set are consistent to avoid affecting its load-bearing capacity and service life.
  • During installation, it is essential to adhere to operating procedures to ensure safety and quality.
  • If quality problems are found in the split sets or accessories, the staff should replace them in time and not continue to use them.
  • After the installation is completed, the operator should carry out a load capacity test to ensure that it meets the design requirements.
  • For different projects and application fields, the installation of split sets should be adjusted and optimized according to actual conditions.
split set

Construction Organization


During the construction process, a construction organization structure should be established, including:

Project Manager: responsible for the construction management and coordination of the entire project.

Technical person in charge: prepare and review engineering technical documents.

Construction personnel: responsible for specific construction operations.

Safety officer: responsible for project safety management and safety training.

Construction schedule

According to the project’s construction period, a detailed construction progress plan is formulated, outlining the time nodes and work content for each construction process.

Construction quality control

To ensure the quality of construction, a quality control team should be set up to be responsible for inspecting and accepting the construction process and handling quality issues during construction.

Construction safety management

Safety education and training

Before construction, safety education and training should be organized, including safety operating procedures, emergency plans, accident case analysis, etc., to improve the safety awareness and operational skills of construction personnel.

Safety warning signs

Set up safety warning signs at the construction site, including dangerous area signs, equipment operation signs, and safe passage demarcations, to remind construction workers to pay attention to safety.

Safety protection facilities

According to the characteristics of the construction environment, safety protection facilities, including safety nets, safety helmets, safety ropes, etc., are set up to ensure the safety of construction workers.

Safety supervision

Establish a safety supervision position, responsible for supervising the construction site and promptly discovering and handling potential safety hazards.


A split set is a new type of anchor with excellent performance. Its construction process needs to follow some steps and specifications. By following correct construction guidelines, the quality and reliability of the installation of split sets can be ensured, thereby ensuring the safety and stability of the project.

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