Shank Adapters: a key player in rock drilling

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In rock drilling engineering, the shank adapter is an accessory of the rock drill and an integral part of the rock drilling tool. Its main function is to withstand the impact energy and torque of the rock drill, ensuring that the rock drilling tool can effectively break and drill through the rock. It cooperates with the shoulder of the drill rod to form a complete drill tool set, which is connected with the head of the rock drill to perform rock drilling operations more stably and efficiently. Therefore, it is crucial in rock drilling projects.

There are various types of shank adapters according to different supporting equipment, application environments, thread forms, etc.

shank adapter

Types of shank adapters

  • According to the different supporting equipment, there are shank adapters for pneumatic and hydraulic rock drills. Shank adapters for hydraulic rock drills are more widely used and have higher quality requirements.
  • According to the different application environments, there are shank adapters for open-pit and underground rock drills. The operating environment underground is more complex, especially the erosion of mineral water and slag, which places higher requirements on the shank adapter.
  • According to the thread form, there are male-threaded and female-threaded shank adapters, and male-threaded shank adapters are more broadly available.
  • The thread form of the shank adapter has some intrinsic connection with the supporting drilling tool connection thread and accuracy, therefore, according to the actual situation to choose.

Thread form of shank adapter

The thread forms of the shank adapter include R22, R25, R28, R32, R38, T38, T45, T51, ST58, ST68, T60, EL60, EL68. R thread matches hydraulic rock drills with smaller impact power, T thread matches hydraulic rock drills with medium impact power, and ST68, T60, EL60, and EL68 are used for hydraulic rock drills with larger impact power.

The role of shank adapter in rock drilling engineering

Connection and stabilization

During rock drilling operations, the rock drill transmits the impact energy and rotational torque of the rock drill to the drill tool set through the shank adapter, and the rock drill bit crushes the rock to complete the rock drilling operation. The shank adapter provides the connection and ensures the stability and efficiency of the rock drilling operation.


In rock drilling, because of the irregular shape and texture of the rock, the head of the rock drill and the drill tool set will shift. At this time, the shape and size of the shank adapter can assist in guiding the rock drill so that the rock drill head can be more accurately aligned with the crushed surface of the rock, thus improving the efficiency and precision of the drilling operation.

Shock absorption

During the rock drilling process, the impact work of the rock drill generates vibration and shock to the whole drilling tool assembly, which will have an adverse effect on the performance and service life of the rock drill. The shape and material of the shank adapter can play a role in shock absorption, reduce the impact of vibration on the rock drill, and improve the stability and reliability of rock drilling operations.

Application of shank adapter

Shank adapters are used with rock drills, so their application scenarios are the same as those of rock drilling equipment. Generally, it is used in mine tunneling, anchoring rock drilling, medium and deep hole mining, open pit mining rock drilling, tunnel boring rock drilling, water and electricity engineering rock drilling, quarry rock drilling, and other rock drilling projects.

In short, the shank adapter plays a crucial role in rock drilling engineering and influences the efficiency of rock drilling operations. Its wide application provides convenience and stability for rock drilling projects and provides solutions for other related fields. However, the shank adapter is subjected to the high-frequency impact and strong torsion of the rock drill during rock drilling operations and is also subject to corrosion and wear by mineral water and slag in the environment. The service environment of the shank adapter is very harsh, so the quality and performance requirements for the shank adapter are very critical.

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