Rock Drill Bit

As a professional drilling tool, it plays an irreplaceable and crucial role in construction, mining, tunnel construction, and various other fields!


Choosing our rock drill bits

  • A rock drill bit is a tool for drilling holes in rock and other hard materials. It has become an ideal choice in construction because of its high strength, wear resistance, adaptability, versatility, and ease of operation.
  • Choosing our rock drill bits will bring higher efficiency and better experience to your construction.

Why choose our rock drill bits?

Selecting our rock drill bits means opting for an efficient, stable, and reliable construction experience.


High quality raw materials

Material quality is crucial to the performance of rock drill bits. Therefore, we strictly select high-quality steel as raw materials to ensure the strength and wear resistance of the drill bit.


Advanced technology

We use advanced heat treatment technology to make the bit material have excellent hardness and toughness, which not only ensures drilling efficiency but also improves the impact resistance of the bit, ensuring that it maintains excellent performance in complex and changing working environments.


Diversified products

To meet the requirements of diverse customers and working conditions, we offer a wide range of specifications and types of rock drill bits. Additionally, we provide customization services to tailor exclusive products according to the specific needs of our customers.


Strict quality control

We implement a strict quality control system and conduct quality inspections on each batch of products to ensure that each rock drill bit meets standard requirements.


Perfect after-sales service

We are always here to address customers' inquiries, offer technical assistance, and help customers solve problems encountered during usage. We aim to ensure that customers can fully utilize our rock drill bits and maximize their utility.

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Application scenarios

The excellent rock drilling capabilities and versatile application of our rock drill bits make your construction projects more efficient and easier to handle.

  • Quarrying
  • Mining
  • Tunneling
  • Hydropower Project

Regardless of your application scenario, we can supply the appropriate rock drill bits to ensure seamless construction.

Types of rock drill bits

We understand that every consumer has unique needs, so we offer a wide range of rock drill bits to ensure you find the best fit for your construction environment, no matter where you are.

Chisel bit

It is suitable for light rock drills to drill rock formations with low hardness and is easy to sharpen.

Cross-type and X-type drill bits

They are suitable for drilling in cracked and highly abrasive rock formations when using rock drills with higher impact power and strong radial abrasion resistance.

rock drill bit

button bit

Under the condition of a higher impact power rock drill, the button bit has better applicability than the sheet-shaped insert drill bit and has higher rock drilling speed and service life, and the drilled holes are rounder. Our button bits include the standard button bit, retract button bit and reaming button bit.

Product Parameters

Detailed explanation of button types

The different button types of rock drill bits are suitable for various construction environments and rock characteristics. Choosing a suitable button type can make your construction more effective with half the effort.

Carbide buttonProductAdvantagesApplication
Conical Button

Conical Button

High drilling efficiencymedium-hard rock such as limestone, gravel, marble, pyrite, etc. from f8 to f14.
Parabolic Button

Parabolic Button

The button feeding speed is fast, which can not only ensure a certain rock drilling efficiency but also have a better service life.medium hard rock
moderately corrosive rock formations
Ogive Button

Ogive Button

Fast button feed speed and excellent rock drilling efficiencysoft rock such as shale, clay rock, sandstone, and rock salt below f8

How to Easily Pick the Best Rock Drill Bits for You?

Faced with the wide variety of rock drill bits available on the market, do you find it challenging to make the right choice? Don’t worry! We’ve meticulously crafted a selection guide to help you effortlessly choose the most suitable one for your needs!

Clarify construction requirements

Different engineering environments, rock hardness, drilling depth, and other factors will affect your choice. Please be sure to understand your construction needs first so that you can select products in a targeted manner.

Understand the types of rock drill bits

There are numerous types of rock drill bits, each possessing unique characteristics and suitable applications. Therefore, when selecting a rock drill bit, it is crucial to thoroughly comprehend the traits of various types so that you can make an informed choice based on your specific requirements.

Focus on product quality

High-quality products usually have characteristics such as wear resistance, impact resistance, and long service life. Therefore, when selecting products, you should pay attention to information about their materials, processes, and brands to ensure that you purchase high-quality products.

Consider cost-effectiveness

Don't blindly pursue low-priced or high-priced products, but choose the one with the highest price/performance ratio based on your needs and budget.

Consult professionals

If you still have doubts about the choice of rock drill bit, you may wish to seek professional advice. They can recommend the most suitable rock drill bit based on your construction needs and actual situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

According to different uses and characteristics, there are many rock drill bit types, each with unique advantages and scope of application. According to the different rock-breaking mechanisms of the head blade and teeth, rock drill bits are divided into chip series and button series. In the chip series drill bit, according to the diameter, the number of drill blades, and the arrangement, is subdivided into four categories: chisel-shaped, three-edged, cross-shaped, and X-shaped.

When choosing which rock drill bit is better for drilling rock, we need to comprehensively consider multiple factors such as rock type, engineering needs, and equipment capabilities.

Tips for Selecting a Cost-effective Rock Drill Bit

1. Reasonable selection of rock drill bits

2. Choose a high-quality rock drill bit supplier


Methods of Improving the Efficiency of Rock Drill Bits
1. Choosing the right drill bits
2. Regular maintenance and repair
3. Reasonable use of coolant
4. Correct operation
5. Upgrade technology

To ensure the proper operation and performance of rock drill bits, it is crucial to conduct regular maintenance and upkeep.

  1. Regular inspection
  2. Clean and lubricate
  3. Reasonable use
  4. Storage and maintenance
  5. Grinding and replacement

There are 5 factors that affect the price of rock drill bits.
1. Market demand
2. Production cost
3. Market competition
4. Industry development
5. Brand and reputation


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