2 Tips for Selecting a Cost-effective Rock Drill Bit

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The rock drill bit is the part that directly breaks the rock mass and is used to break various solid rocks by the impact rotation of the blade and carbides, forming holes of different diameters. The rock drill bit is a crucial component in the drilling industry, with high consumption. To guarantee the efficiency of rock drilling, prioritizing the selection of a high-quality rock drill bit is crucial. Nonetheless, numerous manufacturers offer various rock drill bits in the market, with each product differing in quality and uniformity. Thus, choosing a cost-effective rock drill bit poses a significant challenge for all potential buyers.

How to select a cost-effective rock drill bit?

Tip 1. Reasonable selection of rock drill bits

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There are many types of rock drill bits. If an inappropriate rock drill bit is selected, even if the quality of the rock drill bit is high, the construction progress will be affected due to inapplicability. Thus it will influences the service life of rock drill bits and significantly decreases rock drilling efficiency. The construction party can select a suitable rock drill bit through the following three points.

Selection of cemented carbide grades


Various rock drill bits and geological formations typically correspond to specific cemented carbide grades for optimal compatibility.

  • The higher the uniaxial compressive strength value of the rock, the greater the toughness. In order to prevent the blades and teeth from breaking, it is advisable to choose alloys with higher cobalt content and higher strength.
  • For brittle rocks with low uniaxial compressive strength but high corrosion resistance, it is advisable to use carbides with lower cobalt content and higher hardness.
  • For extremely tough rocks whose uniaxial compressive strength exceeds 300MPa, it is advisable to choose specialized carbide grades exhibiting enhanced toughness and containing 10% to 15% cobalt. However, in cases where the rock is highly abrasive, maintaining a moderate cobalt content is crucial.

Selection of rock drill bit diameter

  • Select the rock drill bit diameter required for drilling and blasting: the diameter of the blasting hole is determined according to the diameter of explosives and detonation equipment needed for the blasting project; the diameter of the anchor bolt hole is determined according to the diameter of the anchor bolt and anchoring method, generally proposed by the engineering department.
  • Select the appropriate rock drill bit diameter according to the impact energy of the rock drill.

Selection of rock drill bit type

Note: The information in the table is quoted from “ISO1718-1974 (Rock drilling — Drill-rods and detachable bits for percussive drilling)”; the former Soviet Union National Standard “TOCT17196-77 (Drilling Bits for Percussion and Rotary-Percussion Rock Drilling Rigs)”; Sweden Atlas Copco’s 1990 “Rock Drilling Tools Product Catalogue”; Swedish Secoroc company’s 1988 catalog “Rock Drilling Tools”.

Tip 2. Choose a high-quality rock drill bit supplier

Timely response

A high-quality supplier of rock drill bits must prioritize timeliness. When a customer makes a request, a clear response time can be given to the customer. For example, if a customer needs a comprehensive solution and quotation, the supplier should assess the time required for this and provide feedback to the customer within the agreed timeline.

Selection suggestions

A high-quality supplier of rock drill bits needs to have a good understanding of the field of geotechnical engineering, have a rich project experience,  and be able to answer questions and solve problems for the customer. At the same time, we can provide customers with reasonable selection suggestions according to their construction conditions. If the geology is complex and construction is difficult, we can also provide customers with tailor-made solutions.

Quality Assurance

A high-quality supplier of rock drill bits should have strict standards for product quality and have relevant qualifications and patents, such as ISO quality management system certification, ISO environmental management system certification, ISO occupational health and safety management system certification, MA Coal Mine Safety Certification, etc. Of course,  it is also essential that the product quality is stable and can meet customer needs in different markets.

Perfect service system

A high-quality supplier of rock drill bits should have a complete service system. Some suppliers in the market no longer provide other after-sales services once they provide the products. When customers encounter problems with the use of products, they cannot provide customers with proven solutions and delay the progress of customers’ projects.

A complete service system includes pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services. Pre-sales, we can provide customers with technical solution consultation and product selection suggestions; during sales, we can manage orders and track shipments; after sales, we can provide customers with technical guidance, answer questions and solve problems.

Customer Evaluation

A high-quality supplier of rock drill bits should have positive reviews from other customers. By evaluating the feedback of customers who have made purchases, we can know the facts of the supplier and understand more clearly whether the products and services provided by the supplier are worth buying. We can also save time by quickly pinpointing the supplier we need through the reviews of customers who have already purchased.

To sum up, cost-effectiveness has always been the goal pursued by all customers, but now that there are so many suppliers of rock drill bits, how to choose the preferred supplier has always troubled the buyer. In many cases, the buyer often needs to spend more time selecting, especially when encountering suppliers with homogeneous products. Of course, this time also must not only price as the consideration. Only the rock drill bit supplier that takes into account both product quality and perfect service is our best choice, perhaps its price may not have the advantage at the moment, but in the long run, it can save the buyer a lot of time costs, and such a rock bits supplier can called a real cost-effective one.

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