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Rock drilling engineering is one of the significant human activities in fields such as mining and construction. The button bit is a critical tool used for rock drilling in rock drilling engineering. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, durability, and wide application range. The production process of the button bit directly affects its performance and service life. Therefore, the optimization and improvement of the production process of the button bit is the focus of the rock drilling industry.

Process flow of button bit

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The design of a button bit represents the initial step in the entire production process. Aspects such as shape, size, and material selection must be carefully considered by designers when crafting products based on specific application requirements and the properties of different rock types. During the design phase, it is essential to prioritize crucial factors such as product reliability, wear resistance, and service life to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Additionally, designers should evaluate the production process to achieve the optimal design solution.


The manufacturing process of button bits demands working with precision equipment and tools to guarantee product precision and quality. Its production involves several intricate steps, primarily encompassing the following stages:

  • Material selection: Carefully choose the appropriate materials, such as high-quality carbide or steel.
  • Material processing: Employing processes like forging, turning, milling, and heat treatment to gradually shape the material into a button bit with the desired form and performance. The heat treatment process is especially critical for enhancing the hardness and wear resistance of the button bit.
  • Finishing: Refining the shape and size of the button carbides and applying surface treatments to extend the product’s service life.
  • Inspection: Ensuring that the products adhere to design specifications and quality standards.


Once manufacturing is complete, the button bit undergoes rigorous inspection to maintain product quality. The testing covers the following aspects:

  • Appearance testing: Checking for any evident defects in the product’s outward appearance.
  • Dimensional testing: Confirm that the product dimensions meet the prescribed design requirements.
  • Performance testing: Conducting rock drilling tests to assess product performance and service life.
  • Safety testing: Evaluating the safety performance of the product to ensure that its use will not cause any harm to personnel or equipment.

Technical improvements of button bits

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With the continuous development of science and technology, the production process of button bits is also constantly improved.

Material selection

Choosing high-quality materials is the key to improving the performance of button bits. In recent years, new materials with high strength and wear resistance, such as new cemented carbides, ultra-high-strength steel, and so on, have gradually been applied to manufacturing button bits, improving their service life and drilling efficiency.

Manufacturing process optimization

During manufacturing, some new processes and technologies have also been introduced into the production of button bits. For example, using advanced CNC machining centers for precise turning and milling can increase production efficiency and reduce scrap rates. At the same time, using new heat treatment technologies, such as vacuum or high-frequency heat treatment, can improve the hardness and wear resistance of the button bit.

Surface treatment

Surface treatment can significantly enhance the button bits’ wear and corrosion resistance. Frequently used surface treatment techniques encompass coating, carburizing, and oxidizing. By subjecting the surface of the button bit to these treatments, its service life and drilling efficiency can be improved.

In the production of button bits, experienced companies and technicians have gathered valuable insights. For instance:

  • Design scheme: Developing a well-thought-out design scheme is pivotal to enhancing the performance of button bits.
  • Quality control: Strictly controlling the quality of each step in the manufacturing process is crucial to prevent the accumulation of errors.
  • Heat treatment: In heat treatment, selecting appropriate materials and establishing hardness standards, in conjunction with meticulous management of the processing parameters, is crucial to avert issues like over-burning and cracking.
  • Finishing process: Utilizing high-quality tools during finishing is vital to ensure product accuracy and quality.
  • Advanced testing: Some companies employ advanced testing equipment and methods, such as non-destructive testing and X-ray testing, in the production process to guarantee product quality.

Moreover, certain companies have established comprehensive quality management systems to bolster product quality by reinforcing quality control and supervision.

In summation, button bits are vital tools in rock drilling engineering, and their production process significantly impacts product performance and quality. The production process for button bits is intricate and precise, which is very important from the design, manufacture, and inspection. Therefore, researching and refining the production process for button bits is of utmost importance in enhancing the efficiency and quality of rock drilling projects and advancing their development. With the progress of science and technology, new materials and processing techniques will further refine the production process of button bits, leading to improved product quality. The advancement of button bits will, in turn, provide substantial support for the progress of rock drilling engineering.

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