How to Make Full Use of Split Set?

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Split set is a new type of anchor for full-length anchoring and active reinforcement of the surrounding rock. Its distinctive advantages and features have demonstrated outstanding performance in diverse and challenging environments. However, to fully harness its benefits, it is crucial to grasp its fundamental characteristics and operational principles. Furthermore, one must acquire proficiency in the correct installation and utilization methods.

split set

Working principle of split set

Split set is composed of anchor rod and tray. The anchor rod is made of high-strength steel pipe and has longitudinal slits. When it is installed in a borehole slightly smaller than the pipe diameter, it can immediately apply radial pressure to the borehole through entire length and prevent the surrounding rock from sliding down. Coupled with the supporting force of tray, the surrounding rock is in a three-direction stress state to achieve rock stability. It is mainly used in mine engineering, which can quickly provide supporting force to achieve better supporting effects.

Advantages of split set

  • High-strength alloy strip steel is used as raw material. One end is forged with a tapered head for the anchor bar to insert the hole, and the other end is welded with an iron hoop to bear the weight of the plate.
  • Installation is simple and can be completed only by impact.
  • Anchorage agent is not required.
  • The friction between the anchor bar and the rock mass is high.
  • It has high shear and tensile strength.
  • Equipped with a high-strength tray, the tray is evenly stressed.
  • The drilling depth is greater than the anchor bar depth.
  • It can provide timely support in radial and axial directions. It is unfit for permanent support in soft rock.

Construction of split set

Split Set

Straightness of the rock hole should be improved to ensure the construction quality of split set. At the same time, the quality of drilling should be ensured so as not to cause tilting of the hole. Once this happens, the anchor cannot be fully inserted, and the rock surface cannot be tightly fitted to the pallet, resulting in an insufficient overall support effect. To solve the above problems, it is necessary to continuously increase the pre-tightening force of the pallet. Therefore, adjusting the length and controlling the diameter of anchor will stabilize the surrounding rock and avoid deformation, thus improving the overall support effect of split sets.

Maintenance of split set

In the daily maintenance of split sets, the relevant units should make a targeted and feasible maintenance plan. In actual operation, the well-developed protocols and programs should be strictly implemented. The purpose of the roadway, the actual condition of the surrounding rock, etc., will become its formulation basis. Therefore, it is necessary to master all kinds of applicable anchor support methods for the technical management of relevant staff. At the same time, relevant maintenance personnel also need to take into account the actual changes in the surrounding rock at work, make appropriate local adjustments to the operating procedures, and constantly improve the operating procedures.

Stability of split set

split sets

① The construction of split sets is relatively simple and fast. The split set can resist the shear force of the rock to a certain extent through the active reinforcement of the three stresses, thereby improving the overall stability of the support project.

② Split set cannot be applied to the filled section. Based on the reliability perspective, the filling of rock cracks can be strongly corrosive to the anchor support, which reduces the overall stability of the anchor support to a certain extent. In addition, the split set is not suitable for faults, large cracks, and other areas. Therefore, when performing split set support operations, its adaptation range should be enhanced by the relevant staff to take into account, so as to play the role of split set.

Strategies for maximizing the performance of the split set

Reasonable selection of materials

According to the engineering needs and geological conditions, select the appropriate split set material to ensure it will provide a stable anchoring force within the expected service life.

Precise installation

Adhere strictly to the installation steps to guarantee the correct fixation of the anchor rod in its intended position. Pay particular attention to maintaining close contact between the split set and the rock surface during the drilling and insertion of anchor rods. It ensures optimal utilization of friction resistance.

Maintenance and inspection

Implement regular inspections and maintenance routines for split sets to promptly identify and address potential issues, ensuring they remain in optimal working condition throughout use.

Reasonable use

By project requirements, select the appropriate utilization method to maximize the effectiveness of split sets.

Consider environmental factors

In the design and installation phases, it is crucial to thoroughly consider the impact of environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and corrosion in the project setting on the split set. This comprehensive consideration ensures the stability and durability of the split set throughout its usage.

Split sets find extensive use in rock reinforcement, effectively reducing the compressive forces within the rock. To fully leverage the benefits of split sets, it’s essential to have a deep understanding and mastery of all their aspects. The performance of split sets can be effectively enhanced through various methods, offering robust support for rock engineering in diverse and challenging environments.

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