Influence of Heat Treatment Equipment on Rock Drilling Tools

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In the realm of engineering, rock drilling tools play a crucial role in breaking through rock surfaces. Their effectiveness and longevity significantly influence the project’s advancement and overall cost. Numerous factors come into play that affect the performance and lifespan of these rock drilling tools, with heat treatment equipment standing out as a critical determinant.

What is heat treatment process?

Heat treatment is a key factor in determining service life of rock drilling tools, and a good heat treatment is also an effective way to save materials.

The importance of the heat treatment process

In the manufacturing process of rock drilling tools, the heat treatment stage stands out as a pivotal step. A reasonable heat treatment process can significantly improve the rock drilling tools’ hardness and wear resistance to extend their service life. At the same time, the heat treatment process can also reduce the toughness of rock drilling tools, reduce their brittleness, and improve the reliability of rock drilling tools in complex environments.

The influence of heat treatment equipment on rock drilling tools

rock drilling tools

Temperature control accuracy

During the heat treatment process, the precision in temperature control stands as a critical factor impacting the efficacy of rock drilling tools. The greater the accuracy in temperature control, the more consistent the structure of rock drilling tools becomes, leading to enhanced stability in its performance. Modern heat treatment equipment usually adopts intelligent temperature control systems, which can achieve high-precision temperature control and ensure that the temperature field of rock drilling tools is uniform during the heating and cooling process, thereby obtaining ideal structure and performance.

Heating speed and cooling speed

The rates at which heating and cooling occur also wield considerable influence on the performance of rock drilling tools. A reasonable heating rate can ensure that rock drilling tools obtain a uniform structure during the heat treatment process, and an appropriate cooling rate can help optimize the performance of rock drilling tools. Contemporary heat treatment equipment typically features adjustable heating and cooling rates, allowing for optimization based on the specific materials and process requirements of various rock drilling tools. This adaptability ensures the attainment of the most effective heat treatment results.

Protective and controlled atmosphere

During the heat treatment process of rock drilling tools, a protective and controllable atmosphere is crucial to ensure product quality. The protective atmosphere can reduce the occurrence of defects such as oxidation and decarburization of rock drilling tools during the heating and cooling process and improve the surface quality and performance stability. The controllable atmosphere can be precisely adjusted based on distinct process requirements, facilitating meticulous control over the structure and performance of rock drilling tools. Advanced modern heat treatment equipment typically comes equipped with sophisticated controlled atmosphere systems. These systems are designed to offer optimal protective and controlled atmosphere conditions for rock drilling tools, ensuring their exceptional performance.

Automation and intelligence level

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the heat treatment equipment of rock drilling tools is also constantly developing towards automation and intelligence. Automated and intelligent heat treatment equipment can dramatically improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and reduce the impact of human factors on product quality. The realization of an efficient and precise heat treatment production process is achieved through automation in various stages, including feeding, heating, cooling, testing, and other interconnected processes. At the same time, intelligent equipment can also monitor and adjust the parameters during the heat treatment process in real time to ensure the production of high-quality rock drilling tools.

Development trend of heat treatment equipment

Computers are used to realize the automatic operation of quenching, carburizing, tempering, and other processes according to the requirements of heat treatment process, to improve the quality of heat treatment of rock drilling tools, to ensure the stability of the quality of rock drilling tools, and to gradually eliminate the adverse effects of human and equipment and other unfavorable factors on the quality of rock drill bits.

Controlled atmosphere multi-purpose furnace technology is an important development of controlled atmosphere heat treatment, which is a perfect combination of precise automatic control technology and a flexible heat treatment process. In addition to the characteristics of precise control, users can flexibly choose configurations to adapt to various production scales, while maintenance is more convenient.

The following is part of equipment commonly used in the heat treatment of rock drilling tools.

1. Controlled atmosphere multi-purpose furnace, usually used for heat treatment of rock drill bits, DTH drilling tools, and other parts.

2. Controlled atmosphere well furnaces, controlled atmosphere large well furnaces are used for heat treatment of large DTH drilling bits, outer casings of DTH drilling tools, and other large parts, as well as heat treatment of heavy drill rods and drill pipes.

3. Controllable atmosphere nitriding furnace, used for heat treatment of precision wear-resistant parts, such as rock drilling machine cylinder, etc.

High-performance heat treatment equipment is an important condition for the selection of rock drilling tools

Drifting and Tunneling Tools

The strict control of heat treatment process parameters, such as time, temperature, and furnace gas composition, can maintain a stable and high quality of rock drilling tools, and enable effective control of surface quality, surface and core hardness, penetration element concentration, and gradient of penetration layer, and penetration depth of rock drilling tools.

The on-site test results of the controlled atmosphere heat treatment production line have important guiding significance for the selection of heat treatment equipment for rock drilling tools.

1. Strict control of heat treatment process temperature

2. Furnace temperature uniformity is the fundamental condition for quality stability

3. Precise control of heat treatment carbon potential

4. Uniformity and decarburization detection of the seepage layer

Heat treatment equipment has a vital impact on the performance and quality of rock drilling tools. By using advanced heat treatment equipment and technology, efficient and precise heat treatment of rock drilling tools can be achieved, thereby improving key performance indicators such as hardness and wear resistance. This not only prolongs the service life of rock drilling tools and enhances reliability but also contributes to reducing production costs and improving overall production efficiency. Therefore, choosing the right heat treatment equipment and optimizing the heat treatment process is crucial for producing high-quality rock drilling tools. In the future, with the continuous progress of technology and the accumulation of application experience, we believe that the heat treatment technology of rock drilling tools will make more breakthroughs and developments.

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