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Top hammer drilling tool is a rock drilling tool widely used in geotechnical engineering, mining, geological exploration, and other fields. It uses top-hammer impact drilling to dig out the required holes in the rock. Top hammer impact rock drilling is that the rock drilling machine is located at the top of rock drilling tools, the rock drill piston directly hits the tail end of rock drilling tools, and the impact energy generated passes through the rod to the drill bit in the form of stress waves to do work on the rock.

Classification of top hammer drilling tools

Top hammer drilling tools include lightweight rock drilling tools, drifting and tunneling tools, benching drilling tools, and open-cutting drilling tools.

Lightweight rock drilling tools are manually operated rock drilling machines with weights of less than 35 kg. They use manual handheld or pneumatic leg supports as working platforms, and their rock drilling impact energy and propulsion forces are relatively small.

Drifting and Tunneling Tools

Drifting and tunneling tools are used for the blasting of large underground metal mine roadways, drilling of anchor holes, excavation of railway and highway tunnels, hydropower project diversion tunnels, and underground powerhouses. In recent years, its demand has been increasing.

Benching Drilling Tools

Benching drilling tools are mainly matched for pneumatic guide drills and full hydraulic mining vehicles and are used for drilling deep holes and supporting holes in underground mining and blasting. In the mining of underground mining resources, according to the production conditions of the mine, different rock drilling and blasting mining processes. Usually, according to the depth of the drilled holes, there are shallow hole drilling, medium depth hole drilling, and deep hole drilling.

Open-cutting Drilling Tools

Open-cutting drilling tools are used for drilling medium and large aperture blast holes in projects such as open pit mine development, building stone mining, and hydropower engineering dam excavation. As the stone market for infrastructure construction projects and building materials heats up, the number of uses is also increasing.

Even though there are four major categories of top hammer drilling tools, they are still composed of rock drill bits, drill rods, shank adapters, and coupling sleeves.

The composition of top hammer drilling tools

Rock drill bit

rock drill bits

A rock drill bit is a tool used for drilling in rock and other hard materials. It comes in various types according to different uses and characteristics, for example, chisel bits, cross bits, X bits, and button bits.

Drill rod

A drill rod is a tool that connects rock drill bits and is used with rock drilling machinery for drilling in rock or rocky soil by rock drills. There are mainly light drill rods and heavy drill rods. Light drill rods are mainly used in light rock drilling machinery and include tapered drill rods, shank rods, and integral drill rods. Heavy-duty drill rods are mainly used in rock drilling machinery such as hydraulic tunneling jumbos, underground mining rock drill jumbos, and open-cutting drill jumbos. They include extension rods, MF rods, etc.

Shank adapter

shank adapters

The shank adapter is a part connected with a rock drill at one end and a drill rod at the other end. Since it directly bears the high-frequency impact and strong torsion of the rock drill during operation, it needs to have good strength, toughness, and wear resistance. The selection of drill bits is mainly related to rock drilling machinery. The same model of rock drilling machinery requires rock drill bits of different structures, for example, shank adapter for pneumatic guide rock drill and hydraulic rock drill shank adapter.

Coupling sleeve

coupling sleeve

A coupling sleeve is used to connect the drill rod and drill rod, and drill rod and shank adapter, and has a sleeve with internal thread. It can reduce the energy loss during the drilling process of the drill rod, thereby ensuring that the drill bit has maximum impact energy. According to the structure form, there are full bridge coupling sleeves and reducing coupling sleeves.

Top hammer drilling tools have the advantages of high efficiency, strong durability, and high construction efficiency. They have become an indispensable and significant tool in modern mining, construction, tunnel excavation, and other fields. By understanding its composition, we can accurately and quickly select appropriate rock drilling products for practical applications. Of course, to ensure the proper functioning of the top hammer drilling tool and improve work efficiency, the usual maintenance and repair of it is also not to be ignored.

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