Factors and Solutions Affecting the Service Life of Top Hammer Drilling Tools

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Top hammer drilling tools mainly consist of drill bits, drill rods, shank adapters, and coupling sleeves. Due to their simple structure and high rock drilling efficiency, they are widely used in mining, engineering geological drilling, and other fields. Its function is to drill and expand holes in hard rock formations to provide necessary holes for subsequent work. According to different work requirements, top hammer drilling tools materials, sizes, and shapes are available in different ways. However, the service life of top hammer drilling tools is often affected by poor working conditions, improper operating methods, and other factors.

top hammer drilling tools

Factors affecting the service life of top hammer drilling tools

Raw materials and technology

High-quality raw materials and advanced processing technology can ensure top hammer drilling tools’ overall drilling quality and service life.

Whether the rock drill assembly is reasonable?

When the rock drilling machine is connected to the top hammer drilling tool, if there is sediment at the connection or no lubricating oil is applied, it will easily cause damage to the rock drilling machine and the drilling tool. When drilling rock, the drill rod, shank adapter, and coupling sleeve should be concentric. If the three are not aligned, it will cause the rock drilling tool to bend and deform, generate stress, and fail to cooperate effectively, causing looseness.

Whether the setting of the rock drill is reasonable or not?

Propulsion pressure and impact pressure should be within the rated pressure range. If the propelling pressure is too low, it will reduce the drilling efficiency, lead to the loosening of the rock drilling tool, the loss of transmitted energy, and generate a great deal of stress, resulting in instantaneous contact and separation of the contact end and joint end. If the pressure is too high, the drill bit speed will be low, there is a risk of the drill sticking, and the bending stress of the drill rod will increase. Improper adjustment of impact pressure will directly affect the rotation speed, drilling efficiency, and rock drilling tools’ service life.

The rotational speed should match the impact frequency of the top hammer drilling tool. After each impact, the rock drill bit’s carbide must be rotated at the proper angle to break new rock each time. Normal rotary pressure provides appropriate anti-seize protection for the drill rod. The increment of rotary pressure is a critical factor in maintaining the seal of the rock drilling tool. Insufficient loosening and tightening will often result in heat in the joint, stripping off the threaded surface, early wear, and even thread breakage.

Degree of wear

During the rock drilling process, friction will occur between the rock drilling tool and the rock, resulting in wear of the rock drilling tool. Generally speaking, the wear degree of rock drilling tools is inversely proportional to the service life. The more severe the wear, the shorter the service life.

External environment

A harsh external environment will accelerate the wear of top hammer drilling tools. For example, high temperature, humidity, and corrosive media will all affect the service life of rock drilling tools.

Operating habits

The operator’s habits, skill level, and work attitude influence the service life of rock drilling tools. Unreasonable operating methods and usage intensity may cause excessive wear or breakage of rock drilling tools.

Solutions to extend the service life of top hammer drilling tools

Drifting and Tunneling Tools

Choose a trustworthy partner

There are many manufacturers of top hammer drilling tools on the market, and the materials and processes used in the products produced by different manufacturers are different. Reliable suppliers will choose materials with higher wear and corrosion resistance to ensure the quality of their products, and their manufacturing processes are relatively more mature.

Standardize operating habits

Develop standard operating procedures and train operators to master rock drill operation techniques and avoid excessive force or incorrect operation. In addition, it is also necessary to conduct regular skill assessments and training for operators to improve their skill level and safety awareness.

Take protective measures

During rock drilling, taking some protective measures can effectively reduce the contact between the rock drilling tool and the external environment to extend its service life. For example, set up dustproof and moistureproof facilities at the construction site to reduce the erosion of the environment on the rock drilling tools. Clean and lubricate rock drilling tools regularly to prevent rust and wear. Arrange construction time reasonably to avoid rock drilling operations in extreme weather.

Regular inspection and maintenance

Regular inspection of rock drilling tools and timely discovery and treatment of existing wear, corrosion, and other problems can significantly extend their service life. At the same time, regular maintenance of rock drilling tools, such as cleaning and lubrication, can also extend their service life. In addition, it is also necessary to reasonably select the model and operation method of rock drilling tools according to the hardness, humidity, and other conditions of the rock.

Top hammer drilling tools are widely used in mining, engineering construction, and other fields, and their service life is affected by many factors. Understanding the factors affecting its service life and taking corresponding solutions can effectively extend the service life of rock drilling tools, improve construction efficiency, and reduce costs. Therefore, during construction, we should pay full attention to these influencing factors and corresponding measures to prevent and respond to ensure that rock drilling tools can achieve the best use effect.

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