What are the Different Types of Button Bits?

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In the drilling industry, button bits are widely used due to their high rock-breaking efficiency. They effectively eliminate the blind rock-breaking zone at the bottom of the rock hole, prevent repeated crushing of rock cuttings, and have no limitation on the lower diameter. With the continuous advancement of technology, the variety of button bits has expanded to meet drilling requirements under diverse geological conditions. This article will introduce the different types of button bits and their characteristics.

Standard button bit

rock drill bit

The standard button bit is the most common type and is suitable for drilling operations under typical geological conditions. It features a simple structure with evenly distributed buttons, making it suitable for various hardness levels of rock formations.

Retrac button bit

Retrac button bit

The retract button bit is mainly used in a loose rock mass with relatively broken rocks. The retract skirt body design can assist in retracting the drilling tool, reduce the phenomenon of drill sticking and buried drill, and help improve the straightness of drilling. Typically used in mining and tunneling operations.

Reaming button bit

Reaming button bit

The reaming button bit, also known as the reaming guide bit, is a drilling tool used for reaming operations. It initially drills a pilot hole to a certain depth and reaches a larger hole diameter, mainly used for center hole reaming in deep hole drilling. It is a drill bit used to dig center holes in tunnel excavation and rock drilling operations or to drill spaced holes in underground medium and deep hole mining operations. The reaming button bits are available in integrated and split types, with diameters ranging from 64mm to 254mm. Commonly used threads include R28, TR28, R32, TR35, T38, T51, ST58, ST68, etc.

Different button types of button bits

The button bit common button shapes include conical buttons, parabolic buttons, and ogive buttons. Each button type is suitable for different application scenarios.

Carbide buttonProductAdvantagesApplication
Conical ButtonConical ButtonHigh drilling efficiencymedium-hard rock such as limestone, gravel, marble, pyrite, etc. from f8 to f14.
Parabolic ButtonParabolic ButtonThe button feeding speed is fast, which can not only ensure a certain rock drilling efficiency but also have a better service life.medium hard rock
moderately corrosive rock formations
Ogive ButtonOgive ButtonFast button feed speed and excellent rock drilling efficiencysoft rock such as shale, clay rock, sandstone, and rock salt below f8

Selection and maintenance of button bits

When selecting a button bit, factors such as the hardness of the rock formation, drilling depth, drilling speed, and construction cost need to be considered. At the same time, the button bit will be subject to wear and impact during use, so it requires regular maintenance and upkeep. It includes checking the wear of the drill bit, replacing severely worn buttons, cleaning the dirt on the surface of the drill bit, etc. Correct maintenance and upkeep can extend the service life of the button bit and improve construction efficiency.


As a critical tool in drilling engineering, the selection of button bit type and performance is paramount for construction efficiency and quality. Understanding the various types of button bits and their characteristics is of great importance for the accurate selection and utilization of button bits. In practical applications, we should choose the appropriate button bit type according to the specific situation to achieve the best drilling effect. We believe that with the continuous development of drilling technology, the types of button bits will continue to be updated and improved, providing better solutions for rock drilling projects.

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