What are the Types of Rock Drilling Tools for Hydraulic Rock Drill Jumbos?

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Hydraulic rock drill jumbo is a rock drilling machine with high automation and working efficiency. It drives the drill bit to impact and break the rock through high hydraulic power, thus achieving fast and precise rock drilling operations. In roadway excavation, mining rock drilling, rock drilling and blasting in open-pit mines and quarries, tunnels, water conservancy projects, and other construction projects in industrially developed countries, most of the rock drilling machines used are hydraulic tunneling jumbos and crawler hydraulic rock drill jumbos. These rock drilling machines have fairly standardized requirements for the rock drilling tools used in terms of variety, specifications, construction, and quality.

There are many rock drilling tool types for hydraulic rock drill jumbos, each with its own characteristics and application range. We have to choose different rock drilling tools according to various types of rock drill jumbos, hole diameters, drilling depths, and rocks. According to the different occasions of use, rock drilling tools for hydraulic rock drill jumbos can be divided into four major types underground tunneling jumbos, underground mining jumbos, surface crawler hydraulic rock drill jumbos, and high-power hydraulic rock drill jumbos.

Rock drilling tools for hydraulic tunneling jumbos

Drifting and Tunneling Tools

Hydraulic tunneling jumbos are mainly used for tunneling in underground mines, tunnel excavation in highway and railway engineering, and excavation of diversion tunnels and traffic tunnels in hydropower projects. It requires rock drilling tools with high strength, durability, and reliability. Therefore, these rock drilling tools are usually made of high-strength steel. At the same time, it uses drill rods with high toughness, wear resistance of rods, fast drilling speed of rock drill bits, smooth powder discharge, and no ease of getting stuck.

Rock drilling tools for underground mining jumbos

Open-cutting Drilling Tools

Underground mining jumbos are mainly used for rock drilling in the deep holes of mine blasting holes. Most of these jumbos are of wheeled structure, with single or double arm arrangement, and can drill holes in the range of up and down and circular 360°. Its rock drilling tools require high hardness, wear resistance, and long service life. Therefore, when designing rock drilling tools, it is necessary to consider the unique environment of mining operations. Underground mining jumbos mainly use extension rods, and the drilling depth is mostly within 15-25m.

Rock drilling tools for surface crawler hydraulic rock drill jumbos

Surface crawler hydraulic rock drill jumbos are mainly suitable for mining operations in open-pit mines, mining sites, water conservancy projects, and infrastructure construction. They are the most commonly used hydraulic rock drill jumbos. It has a single-arm structure, and the rock drilling arm is equipped with an automatic drilling mechanism. It is mainly suitable for drilling downward blasting holes with a depth of 15-20m. Due to the complexity of the operating environment, the rock drilling tools need to be highly resistant to impact and abrasion. The main drill rods used by surface crawler hydraulic rock drill jumbos are Φ38, Φ45, and Φ51mm extension rods, and now MF drill rods are used. Since it is crucial to ensure the straightness of blast holes in open-pit medium and deep-hole rock drilling, the MF rod for this type of drill jumbo must have high straightness and rigidity and also choose a retract drill bit, drop center drill bit, or guide drill bit according to the hole depth.

Rock drilling tools for high-power hydraulic rock drill jumbos

High-power hydraulic rock drill jumbos are mainly suitable for rock drilling operations in large-scale mining, tunneling, and other projects and have higher rock drilling efficiency and greater rock drilling power. It is a heavy-duty rock drill machine launched by Sweden’s Atlas Copco and Sandvik-Tamrock to replace high-pressure down-the-hole drills in large open-pit mines and quarries, with a drilling speed 2.5 times higher than that of high-air pressure down-the-hole drills, and a drilling depth of 50-60m and high straightness. Its rock drilling tools need to cope with more complex and harsh operating environments, so they require higher strength, hardness, and wear resistance. This drill jumbo is mainly equipped with large-diameter tubular drilling tools.

In short, rock drilling tools for hydraulic rock drill jumbos are vital tools for achieving efficient rock drilling operations. In practical applications, we should select appropriate rock drilling tools for hydraulic rock drill jumbos based on specific engineering conditions, geological conditions, and construction requirements to improve rock drilling efficiency, reduce costs, and improve safety. At the same time, with the advancement of science and technology and changes in engineering needs, manufacturers also need to continue to explore and innovate in the design and manufacturing of rock drilling tools to meet the changing market demands and improve the operating efficiency of the equipment.

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