Rock Drilling Tools of Open-pit Drill Wagon

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Rock drilling tools for open-pit drill wagons are important for drilling operations in open-pit mines. In the mining industry, open-pit mining is an open mining method with no cover in the mining area, so an efficient, stable, and reliable rock drilling tool is required for rock drilling operations. This kind of rock drilling tool is an indispensable key equipment in the mining process of modern mines.

Open-cutting Drilling Tools

What is an open-pit drill wagon?

Open-pit drill wagons are widely used in open-pit mines, quarries, water conservancy projects, and infrastructure construction. Most of these drill rigs are single-arm structures. The rock drilling propulsion arm is equipped with an automatic drill changing mechanism, which can store six extension rods. Open-pit drill wagons are mainly used for drilling downward blast holes, most of which are 15-20M deep.

Rock drilling tools for open-pit drill wagons are mainly used for crawler-type full-hydraulic open-pit drill wagons. It is suitable for rock drilling of medium and large-diameter blast holes in construction projects such as step development of open-pit mines, construction stone mining, and dam excavation of hydropower projects. It usually consists of a drill rod, rock drill bit, shank adapter, and coupling sleeve. The drill rod is the main part of rock drilling tools, usually from high-strength steel. The rock drill bit is the part in direct contact with the rock and is made of cemented carbide to increase the drilling speed and wear resistance during drilling. The shank adapter is the part that connects the drill rod and the drill bit and transmits the rotating power.

Features of rock drilling tools of open-pit drill wagon

1. The thread sizes at both ends of the rod body are different, the big end is connected to the equipment, and the small end is connected to the drill bit.

2. Most of the drill rods are made of hexagonal hollow steel, and less circular hollow steel is used.

3. According to the internal and external thread types, it is divided into MF rod and extension rod. Most of the drill rods are MF rods, and the lengths are generally 3550mm and 4305mm.

Characteristics of rock drilling tools of open-pit drill wagon

Fatigue strength and rigidity of rods

Open-pit drill wagons are mostly equipped with high-power hydraulic rock drills, which adopt a fast rock drilling method with high impact energy, high torque, and strong propulsion force and require high straightness of the blast hole. Therefore, the drill rod must have the characteristics of good energy transfer, high fatigue strength, not easy to bend, and wear resistance.

The drill bit is wear-resistant and has a good powder discharge effect

The carbide and steel of the open-pit drill wagons are required to have sufficient hardness and toughness, and at the same time, the design of the powder discharge groove is required to achieve the effect of smooth powder discharge.

The connection threads are well-fitted and resistant to abrasion and corrosion.

Rock drilling tools for open-pit drill wagons are composed of connecting threads. When high-impact energy is transmitted in the rock drilling tools by stress waves, high-temperature abrasion is easy to generate if the connection between threads is not good.

Reasonable geometric structure of rock drill bit

Choose different rock drill bits according to different rock types. Therefore, the design and geometry of rock drill bits should be suitable for drilling various rocks.

Products for rock drilling tools of open-pit drill wagon

MF Rod

Rock drilling tools for open-pit drill wagons are mainly R32 thread, R/T38 thread, T51 thread, ST thread tubular rock drilling tools, and other products. There are mainly include T38-D38-T38 structures with lengths of 3050 mm and 3600 mm, T45-D45-T45 structures with lengths of 3600 mm, T51-D51-T51 structures with lengths of 3600 mm extension rod and MF rod, diameters of φ76 mm, φ89 mm button bits.

Rock drilling tools for open-pit drill wagons have an important impact on the production efficiency of mines. Its type, structure, use, and maintenance should be highly valued. Only under reasonable selection and correct use can the smooth progress of mine drilling operations be guaranteed. At the same time, safety is the most important part of using rock drilling tools. We must always keep in mind and strictly abide by relevant regulations to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

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