Rock Drilling Tools for Hydraulic Tunneling Jumbo

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With the continuous advancement of engineering construction and mining, rock drill jumbos are essential construction machinery that plays a vital role. The rock drill tools are the core component of the rock drill jumbo, and their quality and performance directly affect the construction efficiency and quality of the rock drill jumbo.

What is a Hydraulic tunneling jumbo?

hydraulic tunneling jumbo

Hydraulic tunneling jumbo is a high-efficiency rock drilling machine used in construction projects such as large underground metal mine roadway excavation, tunnel excavation, power station engineering diversion tunnel, underground powerhouse construction, and underground rock anchor hole drilling.

With the advancement of drilling and blasting technology, hydraulic tunneling jumbo is increasingly showing its superiority in engineering construction, and its usage is also increasing, which makes the demand for matching rock drilling tools increase.

What are rock drilling tools for hydraulic tunneling jumbo?

Rock drilling tools for hydraulic tunneling jumbo are mainly used for fully hydraulic rock drill jumbos, which are used for roadway blasting and anchor hole drilling in large underground metal mines.

Composition of rock drilling tools for hydraulic tunneling jumbo

The rock drilling tools for hydraulic tunneling jumbo include a shank adapter, coupling sleeve, drill rod, and rock drill bit. Usually, hexagonal drill rods and conical button bits are used, and cross bits can also be used in places with abnormal rock conditions. Rock drilling tools are the final link in the whole rock drilling system. They transmit the output energy of rock drilling machinery and directly work on the rock. Their stress state and service conditions are very harsh. Therefore, it is required to standardize and accurately match the form of rock drilling tools and the connecting dimensions to achieve high productivity in the drilling operation.

Features of rock drilling tools for hydraulic tunneling jumbo

Rod Rigidity

Minimize the energy consumption in the energy transfer and ensure the straightness of the drilled hole depth. It is related to the material and heat treatment technology of the drill rod and the shape and size of the rod.

Fatigue strength

It can resist the effect of tensile and compressive alternating stresses and maximize the service life of rock drilling tools. It is related to the rock drilling tool materials’ smelting, rolling, and heat treatment technology.


It can ensure that the steel of rock drilling tools will not fracture when subjected to strong tensile stress, and the cemented carbide will not crack when subjected to alternating stress, mainly depending on the material and heat treatment technology.

Abrasion resistance

It mainly relies on the hardness of steel or carbide to ensure. Sweden’s road drilling tools have very stringent requirements for the heat treatment process, and the production technology of cemented carbide has also been continuously researched and developed.

Due to the in-depth research and development in material, machining technology, and heat treatment technology, the bending resistance, wear resistance, and service life of the connecting thread of the drill rod when using the high-power hydraulic rock drill for rapid rock drilling in Sweden. The corrosion resistance of the steel body of the drill bit and the cemented carbide is ideal.

Rock drilling tools for hydraulic tunneling jumbo products

Rock drilling tools for hydraulic tunneling jumbo mainly include R/T38-H35-R32 structures with lengths of 3090 mm, 3700 mm, 4310 mm, 5525 mm drill rods and diameters of φ45 mm, φ48 mm, φ51mm, φ54 mm seven teeth and nine-tooth button bits: R32-H28-R28 structure with lengths of 2700 mm, 3050 mm drill rod for drifting and tunneling jumbo and diameters of φ41 mm, φ43 mm seven-tooth button bits.

Drill rods

tapered drill rod

Rock drilling tools consisting of a single rod are usually used when hydraulic tunneling jumbo is working. Drill rods in the form of R32/R28-H25-R25, R32-H28-R25/R28, T38/R38-H32-R32, and T38/R38-H35-R32 are mainly used.

Since drill rod of hydraulic tunneling jumbo is a slender rod, the shape of rod is usually hexagonal, because it has a larger cross-sectional area and better bending strength compared with a round rod.

Rock drill bits

rock drill bits

Rock drill bits used in hydraulic tunneling jumbos are mainly button bits with 35-51 mm in diameter. To make hydraulic tunneling jumbo achieve the purpose of fast rock drilling, it is required that the button bit has a series of performance characteristics such as strong toughness and good wear resistance of button, high strength of steel body of rock drill bit, effective rock breaking by button arrangement. In addition, location of flushing water hole and powder discharge slot to adapt to the rapid exclusion of rock chips.

To sum up, rock drilling tools are an indispensable part of hydraulic tunneling jumbos. They have various types, complex structures, and wide applications. Through reasonable selection and use of rock drilling tools, it can improve the construction efficiency and ensure the quality of the project, but also need to strengthen the maintenance management to ensure construction safety. With the continuous development of science and technology, the technology of rock drilling tools will also continue to innovate, providing more support and guarantee for engineering construction and mining.

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