How to Improve the Service Life of Rock Drill Bit?

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The rock drill bit is the part that directly breaks the rock mass. During the entire rock drilling process, it constantly impacts and breaks the rock violently, coupled with the harsh service conditions, its service life is not long. The length of service life of the rock drill bit is directly related to the level of rock drilling efficiency, and the level of rock drilling efficiency is crucial to the progress and benefits of the entire mine production and engineering construction. Therefore, improving the service life of the rock drill bit can effectively reduce the cost of the enterprise.

To improve the service life of rock drill bits, it is crucial to understand what factors affect their service life.

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Factors Affecting the Service Life of Rock Drill Bits

The factors affecting the rock drill bit’s service life mainly include internal and external factors.

1. The internal factors mainly come from the rock drill bit itself, such as the intrinsic quality of the alloy, the carbide button shape, and the rock drill bit shape. For example, the rock drill bit body is a flat face, drop center, and semi-dome, and its rock drilling effect is very different. Please refer to the table below for details.

Bit faceApplicationRock consolidationDrilling speed
For use in all rock conditions, especially for harsh or abrasive conditions such as granite, basalt, and hard limestonemuchslow
Drill straighter holes in less consolidated rockmiddlemiddle
For soft rock, such as low-silica shale and limestonelessfast

2. The external factors mainly lie in the rock, whether the selection and operation of the rock drilling equipment are correct, etc. For example, the service life of the rock drill bit in hard and abrasive rock drilling is generally not high; If the rock drill bits are used improperly in the construction, it will directly lead to the early failure of the rock drill bit.

To sum up, the internal factors of the rock drill bit are more inclined to its quality, and the external factors are more from the selection and operation of the equipment, which we can target to improve its service life.

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How to improve the service life of rock drill bits?

Choose high-quality materials

Choose high-quality steel for manufacturing rock drill bits, which will improve their hardness and wear resistance. The quality of the drill bit directly affects its service life, so it is crucial to choose a certified supplier and a reliable brand.

Design for specific working conditions

The requirements for rock drill bits vary from project to project and rock type to rock type. Make sure that you choose a drill bit design that is suitable for the working conditions, for example, a different design for hard or soft rock.

Correct use of drill bits

It is important to follow the correct technique when using rock drill bits. Avoid excessive impact or excessive speed, which can lead to damage to the bit. Follow the operating instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure proper operation.

Regular maintenance and servicing

Regular inspection and maintenance of rock drill bits are the key to extending their service life. Clean the drill bit, replace worn parts promptly, and ensure that all connections are tight and reliable.

Use a proper cooling system

The drill bit will generate a lot of heat during the working process. Using a proper cooling system can help reduce the temperature of the drill bit, reducing thermal expansion and the risk of thermal damage.

Choose the right accessories

Accessories for the drill bit, such as the drill bit adapter, also need to be selected according to the specific work requirements. Properly matched accessories can improve the rock drill bit’s work efficiency and service life.

Training operators

Provide operators with the necessary training and instruction to understand proper operating and maintenance procedures. The skill and knowledge level of the operator has a significant impact on the service life of the rock drill bit.

Monitor and record usage

Establish a monitoring system to regularly record the usage and performance of rock drill bits. It helps to detect problems in time and take corresponding measures.

Regularly replace the drill bit

The service life of rock drill bits is limited, and excessive use will lead to performance degradation or even damage. Replace the drill bit regularly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure efficiency and safety.

Establish a cooperative relationship with suppliers

Establish a good relationship with suppliers of rock drill bits to obtain timely technical support and after-sales service. They can provide professional advice to help you choose the right bit for your specific needs and solve problems during use.

Precautions for equipment use

1. According to the hardness and corrosiveness of the rock, according to the drilling methods such as open-air, underground, tunnel drilling, production drilling, anchor hole drilling, etc., according to the powder discharge medium such as compressed air, high-pressure water, and other media, according to the type of rock drill such as heavy duty, light, pneumatic, hydraulic and other factors to choose the drill bit.

2. To be stable when opening the hole, it is necessary to lower the working parameters of the rock drill, to prevent the single button from supercharging, causing broken and loss of buttons.

3. According to the rock drilling situation, the working parameters of the rock drill should be adjusted in time. The parameters of impact, propulsion, and rotation are adjusted based on the standard of no sticking, fast drilling speed, and no bending of the drill rod. Do not stop water or gas during the use of the rock drill bit, otherwise, it is easy to cause the rock drill bit heat to break buttons and loss, resulting in failure.

4. After working for a certain period of time, the carbide button and body case wear of the rock drill bit should be checked regularly. When the carbide button or the body case is found to have large wear, the relevant tools should be used in time for grinding, so as not to affect the rock drilling speed and prevent the rock drill bit from being stuck due to the reverse taper.

5. When the rock drill bit is drilling rock, it should be ensured that there is sufficient water pressure or wind pressure to prevent excessive wear and sticking of the rock drill bit due to poor powder discharge and to improve the drilling speed.

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For enterprises, prolonging the service life of rock drill bits is an effective measure to improve rock drilling efficiency and reduce costs. It can not only bring economic benefits to enterprises but also save scarce metal resources.

If you want to improve the service life of rock drill bits, you can start from two aspects,

1. The internal factors, manufacturers should strictly control the production quality of rock drill bits, according to the nature of the rock-faced by the user to improve the head body design, optimize the structural parameters, and improve the effective utilization of alloy.

2. The external factors, enterprises should strengthen the scientific understanding of management personnel and workers on the use of drill bits, and understand the internal laws of their wear; establish a storage system for the use, replacement, and recycling of drill bits; choose reputable, capable, reliable manufacturers or distributors who provide drill bit grinding services can effectively extend the service life of the drill bit.

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