Development Trend of Rock Drill Bit Welding Technology

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Rock drill bits have a wide range of uses in geological mining, construction, and other industries, and the market demand is great. Welding predominates in the rock drill bit connection, but there are still a few interference connections and bonding. Compared with the interference connection, welding has the advantages of secure connection, no falling off due to plastic deformation of the matrix, and the large stamina of rock drilling tools. Welding has higher strength than bonding, and the weld is resistant to high temperature and corrosion, so the development and improvement of welding technology are of vital significance to the development of rock drilling tools.

Brazing method of rock drill bit

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Brazing methods mainly include furnace brazing, flame brazing, induction brazing, salt bath brazing, laser brazing, and resistance brazing. Induction brazing and flame brazing are the most commonly used in rock drill bit brazing production, and vacuum brazing is used for a few applications. Because of the high cost of vacuum brazing, it is not suitable for mass production. Although the equipment cost of flame brazing is low, it has high requirements on the operator, slow heating, and serious alloy burning loss. Therefore, induction brazing is currently the most used.
The advantage of induction brazing is that it can be heated at a high speed, thereby reducing the degree of metal burning and oxidation, and simplifying post-weld cleaning, causing little warpage and overall deformation, and greatly reducing the softening of the cold-hardened substrate, with relatively low requirements for the operator, and better labor conditions to obtain a clean welded joint. Induction brazing has no restrictions on the shape of rock drill bits, but it is only suitable for small and medium-sized rock drill bits.

Development trend of rock drill bit welding technology

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Brazing technology

The development of brazing technology should be compatible with the development of coating carbides, composite carbides, and gradient materials. At the same time, the development of brazing technology should contribute to the research and expansion of the application fields of these materials.

Surface modification technology

The surface wear of the rock drill bit is still quite serious. If a layer of wear-resistant carbide is fused around the rock drill bit, its wear will be greatly reduced.

Rock drill bit materials

The development of low-temperature solder and flux is a direction. Low-temperature brazing is of great importance for reducing thermal stress, preventing surface oxidation, harmful diffusion, and formation of harmful intermediate phases, preventing carbide decomposition, saving energy, and improving labor conditions.

Brazing automation

When the welding batch is large, it is necessary to invest in automated brazing. In the use of automated brazing, manufacturers must solve the manufacturing accuracy of the tooling, the accuracy of the sensor, and timely control, and should also use a small melting interval, good wettability of the solder, and decontamination ability of the flux so that the welding process does not have to move the carbide back and forth to obtain a solid joint.
To develop and improve brazing technology is also to promote the development of brazing methods, processes, and equipment. It helps to prolong the service life of rock drill bits and helps companies to save costs and improve efficiency.

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