How to Choose Cutting Picks?

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With the continuous development of the mining and excavation industry, cutting picks are essential mining tools, and their quality and performance directly affect the efficiency and safety of the project. Deciphering the choice of the right cutting pick and optimizing its value is an ongoing pursuit for all companies.

Understand the types and uses of cutting picks

cutter picks

Cutting picks play a crucial role as essential components in mining machinery, primarily employed in the extraction of coal, rock, and various mineral resources. With a myriad of cutting pick variations available, the choice of the appropriate type hinges on the specific demands of diverse application scenarios. For example, conical pick tools for coal shearers, conical pick tools for tunnel boring machines, and rotary drilling tools.

Understand the parameters of cutting picks

The cutting pick parameters include number, length, angle, shape, etc.

Number of cutting picks

The selection of the number of cutting picks has a decisive influence on the cutting effect. Generally speaking, the greater the number of cutting picks, the more material can be extracted per unit of time, resulting in higher cutting efficiency. However, it’s important to note that excessive cutting picks can overload the tunnel-boring machine, potentially leading to mechanical failures. Therefore, we need to consider the actual situation when choosing the number of cutting picks to avoid problems such as excessive load.

Cutting pick length

In general, the longer the cutting pick length, the more material can be cut at once, thereby improving cutting efficiency. However, it’s important to note that cutting pick length also impacts pick strength and durability. Therefore, it is necessary to consider cutting efficiency and cutting pick quality when selecting the cutting pick length.

Cutting pick angle

A larger cutting pick angle generally improves the cutting ability and enhances the cutting efficiency of the shearer. However, it’s important to note that too large cutting pick angles may reduce the contact area between the pick and the ground, diminishing friction and potentially affecting cutting effectiveness.

The shape of the cutting pick

The shape of the cutting pick depends on the hardness and strength of the material. Using cutting picks of different shapes can improve cutting quality and cutting efficiency.

Understand the materials and processes of cutting picks

  • Material selection: the material of the cutting pick has an essential impact on its wear resistance, impact resistance, and corrosion resistance. Commonly used materials include carbide steel, tungsten carbide, etc. We can choose the appropriate material according to the actual needs.
  • Process requirements: advanced heat treatment technology and precision processing equipment can improve the quality and performance of cutting picks. Understanding the production process of cutting picks, such as casting, forging, and welding, can help evaluate their quality and reliability.
cutting picks

Understand the model of the equipment

Before purchasing equipment, you must have some understanding of the equipment. Only by understanding the equipment can you better choose cutting picks. The chosen cutting picks must match the equipment, which is the choice of the cutting picks more basic requirements. If the cutting pick and the equipment are not completely matched, not only will the equipment not be able to perform efficiently, but the cutting pick will also not be able to realize its value.

Choose according to actual needs

  • Engineering requirements: different engineering have different performance requirements for cutting picks. For example, in hard rock mining, you should choose cutting picks with better wear resistance; when mining high-hardness ores, you need to choose cutting picks with higher strength.
  • Budget and economy: select the most cost-effective cutting pick within the budget, while considering the maintenance cost and economy during use. Reasonable investment can bring long-term economic benefits.

Choose the right cutting pick supplier

Choosing a supplier with a good reputation can ensure that the purchased cutting picks are of reliable quality, reasonably priced, and have adequate after-sales service. When choosing a supplier, it’s essential to consider factors like their reputation, product quality, and after-sales service.

cutting picks

Precautions during use

When choosing cutting picks, you should pay attention to the conditions of use. Different cutting picks have varied use conditions. If the picks you choose do not meet the needs of the enterprise, then such picks will be meaningless.

In addition, in engineering practice, the following points should be paid attention to when using picks:

First of all, it is necessary to regularly check the wear of picks and replace seriously worn picks promptly to avoid affecting mining efficiency and project safety;

Secondly, maintain appropriate cutting speed and depth during use to prevent overloading or overload operation;

Thirdly, it is necessary to strengthen maintenance and regular cleaning and lubrication of the picks to extend their service life;

Finally, in the selection and use of cutting picks, follow the relevant standards and norms to ensure the safety and quality of the project.

In summary, there are many aspects to consider when choosing the right pick. In practical applications, comprehensive considerations should be made based on specific circumstances to make the best choice. In the future, with the continuous development of science and technology, it is believed that the performance and quality of picks will continue to improve, providing better support for engineering practice.

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