How to Choose a Suitable Button Bit?

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The button bit is a rock drilling tool widely used in rock drilling engineering. It has the characteristics of free button arrangement, fast drilling speed, and a long grinding cycle and plays an influential role in many fields. Therefore, its design and selection are crucial to product quality and efficiency.

The button bit consists of a tungsten carbide button inlaid on the drill bit body. It can break at multiple points and has higher rock-breaking efficiency. It can not only effectively eliminate the blind area of rock breaking but also avoid repeated breaking of rock debris. Therefore, there will be more and more applications on the construction site.

How to choose a suitable button bit?

The hardness and properties of the material

Different materials have different hardness and properties, which will affect the selection of button bit. For higher hardness materials, choose the button bit with tungsten carbide to ensure the efficiency and service life of rock drilling.

Button-type selection

The shape of the button bit is the critical factor in the selection. Common button shapes include conical buttons, parabolic buttons, and ogive buttons. Each button type is suitable for different application scenarios.

Carbide buttonAdvantagesApplication
Conical ButtonHigh drilling efficiencymedium-hard rock such as limestone, gravel, marble, pyrite, etc. from f8 to f14.
Parabolic ButtonThe button feeding speed is fast, which can not only ensure a certain rock drilling efficiency but also have a better service life.medium hard rock
moderately corrosive rock formations
Ogive ButtonFast button feed speed and excellent rock drilling efficiencysoft rock such as shale, clay rock, sandstone, and rock salt below f8

The nature of the rock

The nature of the rock will also affect the choice of button bits. According to the hardness and corrosiveness of the rock, according to the drilling methods such as open-pit, underground, tunnel drilling, production drilling, anchor hole drilling, according to the powder discharge medium such as compressed air, high-pressure water, and other media, according to the type of rock drill such as heavy, light, pneumatic, hydraulic and other factors to select the button bit.

Brand and quality

When choosing a button bit, it is also very crucial to know the brand and quality. Excellent brands usually have better structural design and manufacturing processes, which can provide more stable and reliable drilling performance. In addition, the reliable quality of the button bit has a longer service life and better wear resistance, which can reduce production costs and improve drilling efficiency. Therefore, we should choose those suppliers and brands with good reputations and experience.

To sum up, to ensure product quality and drilling efficiency, it is very crucial to choose a suitable button bit. In addition to considering the drill bit structure, material, button shape, rock properties, and brand strength, in practical applications, continuous accumulation of experience and exchanges with professionals can also help us improve the choice accuracy.

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