Cemented Carbide Rock Drilling Tools: Efficient and Durable Rock Mining Tools

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With the development of cemented carbide production technology, output, and application range, it is more and more used in different industries. Among them, the consumption of cemented carbide for rock drilling is about 30% of the total cemented carbide. Therefore, rock drilling tools are an essential application field of cemented carbide products. Cemented Carbide rock drilling tools have become a powerful tool in the modern rock mining field by their high efficiency and durability.

rock drilling tools

What is a rock drilling tool?

The so-called rock drilling tool is a tool that drills cylindrical holes for filling explosives in the rock to achieve the purpose of blasting the rock. It is usually to call tools used by rock drill rock drilling tools and drilling tools for that of drilling large apertures used by down-the-hole drilling rigs and roller cone drilling rigs. In the field of rock drilling and blasting, both of them are rock drilling tools.

Types of cemented carbide rock drilling tools

cemented carbide

Cemented carbide for drill bits of light rock drills

Light rock drills refer to manually operated rock drilling machines. Its weight is no more than 35kg. Using manual hand-held or air leg support as the working platform, the impact energy and propulsion force of rock drilling are relatively small. Generally, the rock drilling tools used in light rock drilling machines include H19 mm, H22 mm, and H25 mm hexagonal integral drill rods and tapered drill rods, equipped with 38~42 mm chisel bits, tapered button bits, and a small number of cross bits. At present, the bits for light rock drills are the drill tool that consumes rock drilling cemented carbide most. The cemented carbide for the chisel bit and the tapered button bit included.

Cemented carbide for hydraulic drill bit

It mainly includes cemented carbide for excavation rigs drill bits, cemented carbide for underground mining rigs button bits, and cemented carbide for open-cutting drilling tools drill bits.

Cemented carbide for excavation rigs drill bits

In the underground mines excavation, it is necessary to use different rock drilling and blasting techniques to excavate roadways according to the conditions of the mine source. The roadway with a small cross-sectional area usually drills 38-42 mm holes, mainly using H22mm tapered drill rod and chisel, cross, or button bit. When excavating the roadway with a large cross-sectional area, a blast hole with a diameter of more than 43 mm and the hydraulic excavation drilling rig are used for rock drilling.

Cemented carbide for underground mining rigs button bits

This kind of rock drilling tools are used on pneumatic guide drills and hydraulic mining vehicles to drill deep holes and supporting holes in underground mining and blasting.

Cemented carbide for drill bits of open-cutting drill

Open-cutting drilling tools are used for crawler-type full-hydraulic open-cut rock drilling rigs, drilling medium and large aperture blast holes in projects such as surface mining development, building stone mining, and hydropower engineering dam excavation.

These kinds of rock drilling tools are of large market demand, and the button bits used in drilling rigs are also the most productive one.

Cemented carbide for down-the-hole rock drilling tools

Among the product categories produced by the drilling tool enterprises, in addition to the drilling tools for light rock drills, the products developing fastest are the down-the-hole tools for DTH drilling machines. According to the different compressed air pressure, DTH drilling tools include two types: low-pressure DTH drilling tools and medium and high-pressure DTH drilling tools, and the corresponding DTH drill bits have different requirements for rock drilling cemented carbide. Because of the high surface mining efficiency of high-pressure DTH drilling rigs, it is widely used in large-diameter rock drilling and blasting sites, which has a considerable market.

Cemented carbide for roller cone bits

Roller cone rock drilling tools include roller cone button bits, steel-tooth roller bits, and drill rods for roller-drilling rigs. It is estimated that the annual consumption of alloy is about 200 tons. The medium tungsten carbide powder is used to produce a carbide button.

Cemented carbide for cutting picks

Cutting picks include soft coal seam cutter button, medium hard coal seam pick button, cold milling planing button for highway repair machinery, cutting picks for mine leveling machinery, etc. Among them, coal mining picks and surface, same below mining picks are tools for open-pit mining equipment or shearers to cut coal blocks, and their performance directly affects the efficiency, energy consumption, coal dust size, and lump coal rate of the mining unit.

Advantages of cemented carbide rock drilling tools

Super hardness

Rock drilling tools are made of cemented carbide material with extremely high hardness, can resist wear and deformation in harsh rock environments, and maintain good working performance.

High wear resistance

The carbide button of rock drilling tools has excellent wear resistance, can work for a long time without losing cutting ability, and improve work efficiency and service life.

Strong impact force

The rock drilling tools break the rock through the impact force, and its cemented carbide head can withstand high-strength impact, effectively improving the mining efficiency.

Highly customizable

Carbide buttons can be customized according to different rock types and mining needs to meet various working environments and conditions.

The application field of cemented carbide rock drilling tools


Cemented carbide rock drilling tools are widely used in mining and can be used for rock chiseling before blasting and rock cleaning after blasting to improve mining efficiency.

Foundation engineering

Cemented carbide rock drilling tools are used for rock drilling, blasting, and demolition in foundation projects, which speeds up the project’s progress.


Cemented carbide rock drilling tools are essential tools in tunnel construction, which are used for rock excavation and chiseling to ensure the stability and safety of the tunnel.


Cemented carbide rock drilling tools are used for rock excavation and crushing in construction engineering, providing support for building construction.

To sum up, cemented carbide rock drilling tools have become a powerful tool in the modern rock mining field with their high efficiency and durability. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, cemented carbide rock drilling tools will continue to develop, bringing more convenience and benefits to the rock mining industry.

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